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How To Look Classy And Stylish With Normal Wear?

Everybody wants to look classy not only on special occasions but in day to day life as well. It is the time to clear a myth that says, you need to purchase expensive clothes to look sophisticated. Yes, you don’t need to create a big hole in your pocket for that classy look. We’ll tell you how. So, here are a few tricks for you which help you for that flawless look at your regular price.

  1. Identify your style
    Everyone has their style, you just need to explore yourself. It is a projector of you as a whole; projecting your interest, lifestyle, mood, choice, and overall personality. Your style is something which brings out the best in you without losing your originality and makes you look great and feel confident under any circumstances and at any point of time.
  2. Classic dresses always come from classic fabrics
    Firstly, you shall know what kind of fabric is classic. Clothing that lasts well till years is classic and timeless which you shall look forward to for the add-ons in your wardrobe. If there are certain fabrics like cotton and linen which are evergreen and stand you out every time you wear these, then there is silk that helps you give that royal touch to your personality. Well-creased dresses of these fabrics give you the confidence you require any time. For maintaining the quality, you need to take proper care of the dresses. Just read and follow the instructions carefully regarding the washing and ironing of the outfits.
  3. Fit clothes are the prime concern
    Love that dress in the mall but it is quite loose around your waist? You don’t want to lose it because you love its color and material but size becomes the constraint? A good quality dress lasts for years. So remember, just a nominal amount for its alteration will definitely give u long-lasting dress. This doesn’t mean you shall opt for skin-fit dresses, a bit loose is ok but they shall make you flaunt your figure. Hence, in the crux, a classic dress should be tailored and form-fitting.
  4. Don’t even try to overexpose
    Revealing your skin too much is a big NO for that classy look because dressing classy requires modesty and not exposure. Let’s start with the necklines. Necklines can be boat neck, collared or V-neck but should be capable enough to cover your cleavage. Nothing in your dress shall reveal your bra and make sure your belly button also remains covered. As far as your office wear is concerned, knee-length skirt and/or dress is apt for your classy and professional look.
  5. Don’t overload yourself with accessories
    Accessories play a great part to enhance your casual look but for your classy look, you need to be descent. Too much of glittering elements will definitely make you stand out but in a negative way. From stuff earrings to bracelet or watch on hand, from a long and delicate necklace to a thin band of ring in one finger seem pretty felicitous for your classy look. If you like, you can wear a bright-colored scarf to add color to your regular outfit to make it more sophisticated. You can pick black boots or ballet flats that will complement any of your outfits.
  6. Styling your hair is equally important
    if you want a proper sophisticated look, don’t leave your hair. Just a sleek bun or a ponytail would suffice if you are running short of time. I am sure you would not like to repeat the same hairstyle daily so opt for that hair cut which is easier for you to put up and doesn’t consume much of your time.
  7. Nothing specific but be specific about the details
    Make sure the colors in your dress are well-coordinated and are synced with your skin tone. Avoid funky colors, go for bold and neutrals. Ensure that your dress is with a finishing touch. Don’t wear too much of makeup; just lips, eyes and cheeks are enough to work on.

Hope this article brings you out of your dilemma regarding your daily wear.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - How To Look Classy And Stylish With Normal Wear?
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