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Top 5 tips for your first ever job interview

One of the common goals everyone has ever since they start studying is to secure a good high paying job. And when the day of your first ever job interview arrives, you tend to be nervous for obvious reasons.

It is natural to be nervous and anxious, so to help you with it, we have curated top 5 tips for your first ever job interview.

  1. Research about the company
    The mantra for every job interview, be it first or tenth, is a thorough research about the company. Best way to start with it is from the company’s website. Every company updates their ‘about’ section. You can get information related to their history, background, the directors, and the CEOs. When you research about the companies you also understand their way of working, the expected package, and the rival companies as well. It helps you make an informed choice.
    You should also research about the location of the company, who are you going to meet, and how to get there. Estimate the time of arrival and leave before time. It leaves a bad impression if you are late on your interview.
  2. Dress appropriately
    It goes without saying that first impression leaves a strong impact. You should try to make your first impression as good as possible. Dress according to your workplace’s dress code. Avoid wearing very bright colours on your interview, rather go with pastel colours. Wearing heavy, big prints is also a big no. Go for smaller prints if you want, or solids are always a safe choice. If your workplace doesn’t ask for formal attire, you can go for sober colours and a semi-casual shirt would be good. On the other hand, for women, in both the cases a pencil skirt can never go wrong. Women should also avoid bright colours and heavy makeup. It looks unprofessional and doesn’t leave first good impression.
  3. Be prepared with USP
    Every employer will have one question in their mind – “why should we hire you?”. They obviously have ample amount of applicants, who have applied for the job.  You need to make them believe that you are the best option available to them. Here is how you do that – tell them your USP i.e. Unique Selling Proposition.
    USP is what one believes is their unique point – something they are proficient in. You need to convince your employer about your USP and not just throw random words at them. Justify your stance and your capabilities by sharing real life situations.
  4. Be assertive
    We understand that you might be nervous during your first interview, but you don’t have to show it to the employers. Being nervous creates an impression that you are under-prepared and not fit for the job. So, even if you are nervous, don’t let it overpower you and affect you in a negative manner. Not that being over confident helps, but you need to make your nervousness your strength and work accordingly. Try to mould the interview towards your strength. Just walk in with a smile on your face and calm down. Be assertive and answer all the questions with confidence and grace.
  5. Keep your documents ready
    A night before the D-day, keep all your documents ready. Keep it in a file, preferably in the sequence you think you would be needing them, and make sure that you keep at least two extra copies of your resume with you. Not just documents, also keep your attire and everything you might need prepared a night before the interview. Doing it would save you from any last moment embarrassment and would ensure your discipline. Moreover, being prepared adds to your confidence and helps you ace the interview.

Aforementioned are the top 5 tips for your first ever job interview. It all boils down to your first impression and that how confident you are. Do follow the tips as they are sure to increase your chances of getting selected. We also recommend appearing for society interviews or opting for mock interviews, which can offer amazing insights into how an interview is conducted. We wish you luck for your first job interview!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 5 tips for your first ever job interview
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