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Top 5 Hobbies To Take Up In Your 40s

So you’re 40. You’ve arrived in life, and whatever was supposed to be achieved has majorly been achieved, and the challenges of life seem to be a long lost dream, for good measure too. You have reasonable resources at hand and have forged some formidable relationships over the years, and the world is a small place for you now.

Almost everything and anything worth doing are at arm’s length for you to conquer. Let this article be your guide.

  1. Photography
    This hobby has become one of the most common and cliched subjects to take in as a hobby in recent years, partly because the relevant technology has managed to seep into the life of the average consumer, and with smartphones getting better and better, it is only going to reach upwards. However, you can still have an edge by investing in better gear (DSLR cameras and lenses) and explore the many techniques that physical optics can offer you. If appropriately learned with the best equipment, photography can blow your imagination out of the water.

  2. Learn a musical instrument
    We all love music in some way or the other. Many say music is the religion that unites people the world over. What’s more, if you passionately follow music and artists of a particular genre, you would have always been fascinated at how they create their art and would have probably come up with your contraptions during the years. Learning a musical instrument will enable you to put those snippets together to create your music, and being able to do so, the feeling is euphoric. It cannot be put in words. You’ll have to try it out yourself.

  3. Cross a continent on a motorcycle
    “Travel is the mother of all education, and more so if it is done on a seat of a motorcycle”- This line pretty much sums up the next hobby on the list. Like photography, travel for leisure has assumed cult-like proportions in recent times, and if you manage to do it on a motorcycle, the feeling is like no other. There have been people who have circumnavigated the world on a bike and with bare minimum equipment, but you can start off easy with smaller rides. Make sure that you get the proper gear for motorcycle travel because as rewarding and satisfying it can be, it can also be super dangerous.

  4. Vintage Automobile Collection
    This is arguably the most expensive hobby you can have but if you have the money for it, this hobby might keep you occupied for probably the rest of your life. For many, automobiles are a literal seduction and with the internal combustion engine soon becoming a relic, it only makes sense to start collecting these things before they are wiped out from the planet forever. Classic car and bike enthusiasts are on the rise because of the simple fact that automobiles running on the so-called “liquid gold” will soon be relegated to the history books because of obvious environmental concerns, and if you have had that thing inside you called the “petrolhead”, you’ll know exactly what we’re on about.

  5. Try your hand at writing
    Writing is probably the best hobby in the world to vent out your deep-set emotions in a poetic form. Writing every day might help you in relaxing yourself after a long day’s work, but more importantly, it helps in documenting your feelings on a day to day basis. 10 years later, when you read that stuff back you may not recognize yourself in that record, and that’s the point. Writing encapsulates what you are at a certain point of your life. We all keep evolving and changing, and if you write about all of that, you may just have captured a different version of you in each passing decade.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top 5 Hobbies To Take Up In Your 40s
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