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What To Expect On A Breast Reconstruction Journey, According To Dr. Garrett Wirth

Technology today has reached previously unthinkable heights in all fields. This especially holds good in the medical field. Let’s take a look at reconstructive surgery, for example. Many procedures have become shorter and less demanding on patients and provider than ever before. More and more people are opting for plastic surgery to hide traumas of the past or simply find a new beginning. For patients, trusting their doctor is vital. They depend on their doctor to grant them a new lease of life. Fortunately, there are surgeons like Dr. Garrett Wirth who thrive on these challenges, and work towards providing only the best possible care for their patients.

Dr. Wirth pursued his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. His desire to solve challenging issues and help move the medical and scientific field forward led him to achieve a Master of Science degree in Physiology and Cell Biology. After teaching other researchers and medical students during his time in Physiology and Cell Biology, he chose to go to medical school.  He achieved his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Albany Medical College in New York.  His training was in General Surgery and then Plastic Surgery.  He was honored to accept a position teaching Plastic Surgery, eventually as a full Professor of Plastic Surgery, at the University of California – Irvine. He is well-recognized for his teaching skills including winning teaching awards. Dr. Wirth is also a published author and has featured in many reputed medical journals nationally and internationally. He has trained many healthcare professionals and students and mentored them into coveted careers including many plastic surgeons.

Today, Dr. Wirth has set up a prestigious practice at Newport Beach and is remains a  Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. He has transformed the lives of his patients and helped them deal with scars of cancer, trauma, burns and other deformities as well as his outstanding reputation for cosmetic surgery.  Within his private practice at Wirth Plastic Surgery, Dr. Wirth has been able to provide concierge service to his patients, including those going through breast reconstruction.  “It is about walking that breast reconstruction journey with the patient and her family as a team”, says Dr. Wirth.  As an inventor of the FlexHD Pliable MaxTM “internal bra”TM design as well as a Plastic Surgeon that still provides microsurgery breast reconstruction options (such as the DIEP flap), Dr. Wirth is in a unique and relatively small group of Plastic Surgeons that truly offers a full spectrum of breast reconstruction options.

“Women should expect that all members of her breast cancer team are coordinating to give her the best chance of beating the cancer as well as meeting her outcome goals in reconstruction.” Says Dr. Wirth.  Unfortunately, not all women know that they can get multiple consultations and be a leader in developing that team.  From the time the diagnosis is made, to the time the cancer is beat, and the reconstruction is complete, Dr. Wirth stresses that the woman should feel comfortable asking questions, getting acceptable answers and feeling as though she is a strong team member (and even leader) in her care.

The breast reconstruction journey can be difficult.  There are often many consultations, decisions, and often several surgical interventions.  Dr. Wirth will spend a great deal of time educating each patient about her breast reconstruction options.  “Every breast cancer patient should know that there are many options including no reconstruction, tissue expanders, allografts, breast implants, autologous (your own) tissue reconstruction that may be pedicled (kept on its own blood supply) or “free flap” (microsurgery where blood vessels are cut and then connected elsewhere), and more” says Dr. Wirth.  Some say knowledge is power.  Dr. Wirth is so passionate about this issue including empowering women and support members with knowledge that he co-authored and co-edited the book “Personalized Breast Care, a Guide for Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Cancer, and Reconstruction”.

When considering breast reconstruction, it’s important to get the most amount of information possible to help make the right choice and thoroughly consider the options. Dr. Wirth will guide you and help you along this breast reconstruction journey.  If you’re prepared to go ahead with surgery, it’s important that you choose a surgeon who is experienced and understands your goals.  As an educator, mentor, surgeon and leader, Dr. Wirth has set the bar high in the world of Plastic Surgery.  He and his team are available for consultation as he remains passionate about educating and providing information and surgical options for breast reconstruction.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - What To Expect On A Breast Reconstruction Journey, According To Dr. Garrett Wirth
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