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Hacks To Keep Your Accessories Organized


My craving for accessories enhances every time I visit any store, and eventually, I end up with accessories (which are my love) more than I require. Now the problem arises when we have a lot of accessories lying disorganized in the closet due to which we often don’t find the one we want on time. Here are few lifesaver hacks for you to organize your accessories in the best possible manner.


  • Use plastic buttons for keeping your earrings together. This works for your stud earrings as well as for the hanging ones.
  • You can use ice cube trays/egg cartons/ plastic pill organizer for storing your small-sized earrings. You can spray-paint these containers with your favorite colors.
  • A wide grosgrain ribbon is yet another attractive alternative for storing your earrings. This is not only a space-saving technique in your day-to-day life but also pretty convenient while traveling because you just have to fold it and keep it in your kit.


  1. To save space, you can hang purses on the back of the door, on wall hooks or along shower curtain rods. If available, you can also hang a wine rack and keep your clutches on it. This not only solves the problem of storing your clutches but this masterpiece also adds to the beauty of your wall.
  2. For your tote and heavy handbags, just insert curtain rings in the rod and hang your heavy bags on them.
  3. Sort purses based on size, type or color and then arrange them well on the shelves/cubbies/racks/ cabinets.
  4. To arrange clutches, you can use plate racks/ magazine file/open trays to be kept in your dressing area.

Belt: Buying good quality belts is not sufficient, the way you organize belts is also very crucial for their longevity. You can keep your belts in any of the following manners:

  • You can simply roll them and keep in the drawers. For more simplification, you can bifurcate your drawer into separate compartments for each belt. You can pick the one you want without wasting your time.
  • Just hang a belt rack on the back of a door or in your closet and hang your belts on it. That’s the coolest and simplest way to place your belts.
  • You can also use a glass vase for this purpose. Just fold your belts and line up them in the vase. You’ll be able to see all your belts at once and choose the one you want. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


  • Just hang your necklaces and bracelets on a coat rack. this will not only save space, stay your necklaces away from getting tangled but also makes it pretty convenient for you to pick the one that matches your outfit.
  • A ring bowl is a very cute way to keep all your rings in one place. You won’t end up emptying the whole drawer for finding your ring.
  • How can we sideline the traditional way of storing our jewelry?? Your very own ‘jewelry box’! Buy the wooden/metallic box as per your choice. This will keep your goods safe, rust-free and dust-free.
  • You can also shop a drawer equipped with compartments. This lets you bifurcate your jewelry items and not letting them mixed up.


  • You can use cloth hangers for tying your scarves. This one I believe to be the most presentable way to organize the scarves.
  • You can also try for a hanging basket where you keep the scarves folded; or you can simply hang your scarves on the hooks, so whenever you feel like wearing one, just pull it off the hook and drape it.


  • Use either a wired hanger or plate racks for storing your flip-flops.
  • Sort shoes into different categories, say, heels, formals, casuals, etc. and then place them in transparent boxes. This will enable you to find the one on time.
  • Arrange them as per your need. Keep the ones you frequently use at your proximity level, the others at the top.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Hacks To Keep Your Accessories Organized
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