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Top 5 Career Paths To Explore After Graduation

Your graduation is about to get completed and you are still not sure as to what to do in life. But there is no need to panic as it is okay to be perplexed during this phase. It is better to take your time to figure out what makes you happy and is a good choice for you, rather than get in the race of materialistic gain and progress.

Following are top 5 paths to lead after graduation, which you can choose from based upon your interests, aptitude and proficiencies.

  1. Entrepreneurship
    Coming up with a new, inventive, and original idea is something that not everybody is able to do.  You can become an entrepreneur at any time and at any stage of life. This career option is the most advantageous because you get to be your own boss. It can be extremely challenging to set up your own business, but it gives you tonnes of opportunities to explore yourself. During this path, you have the control and you are the leader. You can incorporate your interest in the product or service that you plan to provide and hereby you are doing what you believe in and at the same time improving the society. Do note that entrepreneurship takes up a lot of your time and energy. In the initial phases, do not expect 40-hour work week and do expect to miss your good night’s sleep.
  2. Professional services related to college degree
    If you’ve earned a degree after studying for years, you should definitely make use of it. This area is something you have knowledge about and getting a job in your field of study can be easy as well as convenient for you. You may as well practice as a freelancer, independently, and live a decent life.
  3. Commercial pilot
    Becoming a pilot does not require a specific college degree. It requires a certification of the course you are supposed to take which helps you train for the job and a license along with a high-school diploma. The job of a commercial pilot is to fly and navigate airplanes, helicopters, and other aircrafts. Airline pilots fly for different airlines that transport either people or cargo on a fixed schedule. You can also become a flight instructor. After proper training, it is possible that airline pilots be deputized as federal law enforcement officers and be issued firearms for protection of the cockpit.
  4. Computer Programmer or Web Developers
    You can build a career around the field of IT. Creating a computer programme or a website is something that anyone can learn and if your interest lies there, you can consider this career as the demand in the market is high and you can get a decent pay as well. A programmer has to create, write, and test code that allows computer programs and applications to function, and typically require to know variety of computer languages such as Java, Python, and C++. They can work for a computer systems design companies, software publishers, and more. A web developer is responsible for designing, coding, and modifying websites and making them more user-friendly.
  5. Creative and sports
    If you are a creative or artistic person, you can make your career in that field. Artists are generally under-rated but they can also be one of the most highly paid people. Same is the case with sportspersons. Getting into sports also requires a lot of dedication and hard-work, but if it is what you believe in, you should definitely pursue it. Dancer, musician, painter, sportsperson, etc. are very respectable occupations and are such career paths that keep you satisfied and happy. You don’t have to live the mediocre corporate life but can actually go up to representing your country.

Putting your talent and proficiencies into use and building a career out of that is equally applaudable and respectable as is getting a highly paid job in a well-reputed company. You should lead the path which you are passionate about and have the courage to make it big. Whatever field you choose, you should work with utmost dedication, perseverance, ethics, and good faith.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 5 Career Paths To Explore After Graduation
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