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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Video Security System

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Installing a video security system on your business premises is one of the most effective and most reliable ways of ensuring the security of its property and employees. Whether you are looking to protect people, equipment, or inventory, having a security system can help your business meet regulations, prevent theft, and bring overall peace of mind.

Protection from Robbery and Theft

One of the most common reasons business owners install a security system is to have high definition video evidence should the business face any incidents of theft or vandalism. If the police manage to capture the individuals then or later at another location, then having that video evidence is crucial in getting a successful conviction. This helps guarantee that the criminals are taken off the streets.

There is also some evidence that having a prominent and visible security system in place can deter criminals from attempting a burglary. However, this is often contingent on whether or not they believe that the cameras are being monitored – implying that they will get caught in the act. Demonstrating this is crucial. Some businesses have done so by equipping their cameras with loudspeakers so that they can tell off such would-be criminals before the theft.

Increase in Productivity

Having cameras and other security systems operational on your business premises will help to ensure that your employees are being held accountable for their work and effort. Knowing the business security system is there and being monitored by the security team can encourage them to make sure that they are always productive or safe.

For example, video security systems are commonly used on construction sites for detecting whether or not workers are following safety guidelines. A construction worker not wearing his hard hat is one of the most common such violations. Video security cameras help enforce these regulations and keep workers safe from harm.

Prevent Employee Theft

Employee theft is one of the biggest challenges that faces any modern business. Even if employers trust their staff, security systems can still greatly reduce the rates of losses and other issues owing to employee malfeasance. For example, cameras pointed at cashiers kiosks are there not just for the employee’s safety but also in order to capture evidence of potential fraud. Such fraud may involve ringing up a different item than what the customer brings to the cashier and pocketing the difference. Installing a camera can help prevent this.

Improve Your Reputation

It isn’t just businesses that benefit from the introduction of security systems; customers will also appreciate the added security that comes from having an additional pair of eyes on things. If you want your customers to feel safe and secure while they are at your business, then a security system is the best way of achieving this.

Businesses that don’t use a security system will also quickly become well-known among potential criminals as a premises that doesn’t offer much security. Once your place becomes known as a low-security environment, then you will find that you start attracting the kind of person who is likely to try and steal from you.

Exciting Benefits from Emerging Cloud and AI Technologies 

Modern security systems have greatly advanced over the past few generations. For example, today you can buy an intelligent cloud-connected security system that has no need for any servers, can record video data right to the cloud, and detect whenever people are where they shouldn’t be. Owners can get alerts right on their phone and can respond as they need to.

Systems like the ones from Umbo Computer Vision are also built to withstand not just the elements but also the onslaughts of potential criminals. These cameras come with full metal body armor, which not only makes them more resilient to attacks by criminals but also makes them look prominent and professional, which further deters thieves.

Introducing and installing a security system helps ensure that someone is monitoring what is happening on the premises. It can help keep vandals and thieves far away before they can do any damage. It can help your employees stay safe and in line with regulations. And it also ensures that your entire business is less likely to be a target for thieves and vandals. Cameras today do much more than just watch and record video. They are an entire security system unto themselves.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Video Security System
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