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Top Five Dressing Tips for Men for Every Occasion

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When it comes to fashion, men are always viewed with limited options. Their whole fashion world sums up with pretty basic and regular clothing.
The basic need for attention applies to every human being, and if you want that spotlight to shine on you during every event, follow the following basic yet quirky fashion advices!

These tips will help you be the ultimate trendsetter in every party you enter!

  1. Weddings
    A wedding is a happy and a great affair to attend, and if you are in the groom tribe, the occasion becomes prudent altogether. Therefore, while styling yourself, you should keep in mind that you don’t sideline the man of the hour on his D-Day. However, the bridesmaids, too, need a man to look forward to.

    You might think that an outdoor wedding can be attended in a dapper shirt but keep that jacket of yours handy, to change the game any minute. Every evening wedding can be gladly celebrated in tuxedos but make sure you accessorize it enough to give it a classy edge.

  2. Alumni Meets
    Numerous alumni think the occasion encompassing the climax of their training is about them, yet it’s really a milestone festivity for everybody engaged in praising the alumni’s accomplishment. Notwithstanding when wearing a stately robe, dress cleverly in light of the fact that shoes, socks, and pant legs will be on display.

    For most, straightforward formal attire or sports coat, dull pants, and a tie is ideal. For an additional show of faithfulness, a former student can organize his bind to the school’s colors.

  3. Cocktail Parties
    These parties can be formal as well as informal. Knowing the nature of the event beforehand would be wise. The formal event can be attended in a well fitted suit, freshly gelled hair, and a pair of leather shoes. You can even experiment by wearing suspenders on a light-colored formal shirt and a matching pair of pants.

    Just remember to never wear suspenders and belt together as they might portray you a bit comical. On the other hand, informal cocktail parties require casuals to be worn in the most dashing way. Plain tees, jeans, and sneakers can make you almost instantly ready for such events. Get ready to steal some spotlight with a jacket that might transform you into the beau of the ball.

  4. Business Dinners and Conferences
    Formal events have an air of class around them, and rising up to the occasion is the only solution. Dress regal with a hint of subtlety, as appearances are all that matter in such events. Give yourself an edge over the others by dressing right, as your appearance will get you going.

    The most important thing to consider, for standing out at such events, is the kind of shoes and wristwatch you select for yourself. Don’t go cheap on them. Get yourself the nicest pair of shoes and wear your best watch, and let your confidence handle the rest.

  5. Dates
    There is a great deal of things that can’t be controlled on a date – your date won’t support the eatery, your suppositions, or jokes; however, one thing that can be controlled is your appearance! It would be beneficial to make the most out of what is accessible in your closet, so wear garments that fit you the best.

    A well-fitted pair of pants, or chinos, with a beautifully stitched polo shirt of the color that suits that of your pants is definitely the way to go for a date! Additionally, a pair of casual jeans and a tee can also do the trick, as sometimes casuals can be more welcoming than formals. Dates are a casual affair, so pair up your cool outfit with a watch and sunglasses. If you ask us, olive and burgundy colored shirts look really attractive; pair them up with beige or black chinos, and you are good to go!

Men are considerably less outfit-conscious than woman, but they shouldn’t be! Dressing up nicely should be the goal for all the genders alike. So, go and make that fashion statement that the world has been waiting upon because the world is your runway and we would like to take some credit for your aesthetics!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top Five Dressing Tips for Men for Every Occasion
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