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Profile: 5 Facts About The Fashion Couple; Ralph & Russo

Many fashion powerhouses have transformed the way fashion speaks in the contemporary world. These fashion designers have, with the help of their vision, steered forward fashion into a lucrative industry and inspired fashion sense among people.

If I were to count them, I would certainly lose counting—so I have decided that I will stick to one, or rather two of them. Ralph & Russo (Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo) is a fashion duo which has inspired global fashion in an unmatched way.

Their clientele is studded with international celebrities, and even the common public is interested in their otherwise high-end fashion. Everyone has a story so does this duo. Considering the impact the duo has had on the fashion industry, it becomes interesting to acquaint ourselves with their story and everything else which make them who they are.

So, with the aforesaid, I plan to enumerate 5 facts about Ralph & Russo which will give a clear idea of one of the most influential fashion labels of all time.

  1. The Founders of Ralph & Russo You Should Know
    Before we talk about other things, it is essential that I introduce you to the founders of the label, Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo. These two are the lifelines of this label and have their own respective accomplishments which make them magnetic and commendable.
    Tamara Ralph is the co-founder and the creative director of the label. She is also the first women creative director in the United Kingdom in 100 years to have gained eligibility to showcase her collection during the famous Paris Haute Couture Week. She, also, has her name recognized in prestigious magazines such as Vogue and Fortune.
    On the other hand, Tamara’s partner Michael Russo is the CEO of the label and handles the business aspect of the label. Interestingly, before starting the label, Russo worked as a consultant for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and it was only when he met Ralph that his life course changed.

    Michael Russo

  2. Powerful Clientele
    Ralph & Russo is a celebrity’s favorite. The Australian duo’s fashion taste has attracted attention in the entertainment industry and thus, it enjoys a massive clientele. For starters, its clients include Priyanka Chopra, Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez and all other big people you can think of.
    Meghan Markle, as a matter of fact, wore the label for her official engagement photoshoot. Her beautifully crafted black gown attracted a lot of attention in the fashion industry—it was so beautiful!
  3. The Label Grew From Small To Big
    Everything is not shiny in the beginning. There was a lot of struggle involved in building the label as strong as it is right now. Ralph & Russo started small, but that never stopped them from believing in themselves.
    The fashion house started in Mayfair, London and eventually, stores kept on opening in other parts of the world. Its second store was inaugurated in Paris. Subsequently, more stores opened up beyond Europe such as in Doha and Dubai.
  4. The Largest Wedding Gowns Ever!
    Fashion designers love tinkering with their creativity. They always want to create something different, and many times they end up with designs which many people don’t understand. However, every design has a vision so we shouldn’t complain much.
    Ralph & Russo decided to take wedding gowns to a whole new level in 2016. The duo was showcasing its Spring Couture collection. One of the highlights—actually, the main highlight, was the wedding gown, which is dubbed as one of the largest in history. The gown was the result of 6000 man-hours put in by 50 people. In fact, the train itself was so heavy that 6 people were needed to handle it on the ramp.
    Talk about BIG weddings!
  5. Ready-to-wear
    If you thought that Ralph &Russo has no involvement in ready-to-wear and affordable fashion, then you are wrong.
    In the year 2018, the duo announced that it will premier its ready-to-wear collection as part of its spring collection. The collection comprises gowns and evening dresses. Later in the same year, another collection was announced which focussed on biker jackets and trench dresses.

The Brand: Ralph & Russo.
Founded: 2010
Founder: Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo.
Recent Updates: Ralph & Russo has secured the $50 million investment from La Perla Fashion Investment B.V. of Tennor Holding, with the option to increase its holding to 40% in future. As part of the transaction, Pascal Perrier, La Perla Global Management (UK) Limited chief executive, will join the board of Ralph & Russo in an advisory role.

The collection was quite a success—and why it shouldn’t have been?

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Profile: 5 Facts About The Fashion Couple; Ralph & Russo
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