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Top 10 Wettest Places In The World: Must Visit

Meghalaya, India

As of this writing, most parts of the world, especially the ones near the equator, would be experiencing scorching summers with the sun giving you no respite. Whether than can be attributed to Global warming or simply the geography of the place is non consequential.

The truth is, the searing heat is not a welcome thing. There are reports that the European continent is currently experiencing a heat wave that most people find unwelcoming to say the least.

We therefore thought it would be a good idea to tantalize you with a list of places all around the world that are simply too wet all the yearlong, and where plant and animal life thrives unlike any other place. Some of the best ecosystems the world has to offer are found in such areas.

  1. Mawsynram, India (11,872 millimetres): With an average annual rainfall of 11,872 millimetres, topping the list as the wettest place in the world is Mawsynram, a village in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya state in India., and even with a dry season that prevails during the end of the year, the town still averages an incredible 12 meters of rainfall in a year. The Guinness Book of World records placed a figure of 26 m of rainfall received in 1985, which should give you a fair idea of why this place is at the top of this list.

    Meghalaya, India

  2. Cherrapunji, India (11,777 millimetres): Perched in the picturesque and serene state of Meghalaya, which literally translates to “abode of the clouds” Cherrapunii has long held the record for the highest waterfall on the face of this planet for a lot many years now. The rainfall is incessant all the year round, which means that locals have never ventured out without an umbrella in this great land.The biggest irony though, is the fact that this town faces acute water shortage, as lack of potable water forces locals to trek long distances.

    Cherrapunji, Meghalaya State. India

  3. Tutendo, Colombia (11,770 millimetres): Tutendo benefits from Colombia’s geography and lands up as a hotspot for some of the heaviest rainfall on this planet., coming at number 3. Average rainfall is in excess of 11 meters, and these are definitely not rookie numbers.

    Tutendo, Colombia

  4. Cropp River, New Zealand (11,516 millimetres): New Zealand has its fair share of natural charm and beauty, and Cropp River boasts one of the highest rainfall this planet has to offer, easily being in the top 5 places. Obviously, with that rainfall, comes Mother Nature’s bounty, and with Nature’s bounty, you get escapism.

    Cropp River, New Zealand

  5. San Antonio de Ureca, Africa (10,450 millimetres): The wettest you will ever get when you’re in Africa, this quaint little town will not offer you much in the way of luxury or amenities, but in a bid to beat the heat at any cost, and to satiate that never ending thirst for adventure, this place is all rewarding.
  6. Debundscha, Africa (10,299 millimetres): Dry and unforgiving are the two words that come to mind when Africa is mentioned in any context, but there are places in Africa that are absolutes beauties during the monsoon. Case in point is the Debundscha village at the foot of the Mount Cameroon. Its worth an adventure if you can dare it.
  7. Big Bog, Hawaii (10,272 millimetres): Take the helicopter or hike for a couple of days, but reach Big Bog you must. With an average precipitation of more than 10 meters and beautiful valleys and waterfalls to adorn the surroundings, this is your best bet for a summer escapade if you’re in America.
  8. Mount Waiʻaleʻale, Hawaii (9,763 millimetres): Again a Hawaiin masterpiece, this mountain is a shield volcano and at its peak opens up a gigantic world of dreamy haze, rains and a plethora of life existing in perfect harmony. Hawaii never disappoints.
  9. Puʻu Kukui, Hawaii (9,293 millimetres): Home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, Pu’u Kukui takes pride in receiving in excess of 9 meters of rainfall through the entire year, and as is the case with other similar mountains, it brings peace and tranquility to your soul if you’re there, while treating you to magnificent sights.
  10. Mount Emei, China (8,169 millimetres): With rainfall a common occurrence for a major part of the year, and with surreal visuals that drape the landscape, you can hardly go wrong with Mount Emei if you want to escape the heat. It is one of the 4 sacred Buddhist Mountains in China, and packing the umbrella is a must.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Top 10 Wettest Places In The World: Must Visit
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