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Fascinating Breakfast Destinations around the World

Breakfast is termed to be the most important meal of the day because it gives the boost required to start off the day in style. As the day begins with a luxurious spread of good food, it brings out positive vibes and obviously great productivity and the energy required to carry on the tasks well.

It is also a good fitness routine to have a good breakfast and many travelers love to explore best breakfast options around the globe to get nothing but the best. Culturally, every region of the world has its unique breakfast options which are versatile and delicious.

Here are the fascinating breakfast destinations around the world for the foodie traveler to visit:

  1. London: A full English breakfast has a long history and influences from around the world. A plate filled with sausages, eggs, bread toast,  salad and shepherd’s pie paves the way for a sumptuous morning meal. Don’t forget to add your favorite range of juices or a delicious serving of coffee to add to the breakfast.

    London, UK

  2. Cuba: Enjoy the locally made dumplings with various fillings along with a great range of sauces loaded with heavy broccolis in this exotic destination. The breakfast here is not only good for the palate but also for health. Instead, the boring bread toast, try out the meatballs which are downright delicious.

    Havana, Cuba

  3. Iran: To get an Iranian dash to your breakfast routine, try out Halim which is made with wheat and cinnamon along with delicious inclusions of butter and sugar for the extra taste.  These healthy ingredients are cooked along with ragged meat in huge pots. Don’t forget to try the famous Iranian omelet which is loaded artfully with cheese and loads of veggies.

    Iranian Breakfast

  4. Spain: For all those spice lovers and admirers of tortillas, Spain has+ the frivolous breakfast ever. The morning breakfast here includes a huge bowl of Yukon golds served with chopped onions, along with chorizo and Manchego. Also try the yummy egg custard for a better experience. Also try the baby spinach and grape-sized tomatoes which are blended red wine.

    Ibiza, Balearic islands, Spain

  5. Iceland: The laid back residents start their day with salmons and lamb goulash along with delicious salads and vegetables. Also, indulge in various types of meat to load your breakfast with high protein as well. In short, Iceland is a non-vegetarian’s paradise-, especially for breakfast.


  6. Sweden:  Try the meat slices along with fresh veggies spread lavishly over half cut pancakes which is quite healthy and also delicious. Also, experience bliss with a pot full of oats and fresh juice to gear up for the day. The breakfast here is not just a treat for the eye but also for the stomach.

    Stockholm, Sweden

  7. Poland:  The best breakfast here features the local dish Golabki which is literally rolls made of cabbage.  The meat along with cabbage leaves is neatly rolled and served along with tomato sauce for the pep! The plate surely looks quite colorful and delicious to begin the day with.

    Makowiec roll Poland

  8. Russia: Indulge in the Russian stylish breakfast called oladi which is like a pancake or Yorkshire pudding. It is soft, fried and added with jam, berries , and  honey. Russia is also known for its high protein options in breakfast- that is quite healthy and delicious.

    Red square, Moscow, Russia

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