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5 Essentials for Taking Your Business Mobile

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New technologies have made it easy for anyone to start a business from home nowadays. And one of the particularities about many of these businesses is that they’re often location independent, which spurred the rise of a new class of entrepreneur: the digital nomad. The nature of the workplace is also evolving, with agile workplaces suddenly becoming the new norm and workers demanding more free range of movement and location.

If you were thinking of taking your business mobile, there are plenty of tools that will help make the transition easier. Here are a few tools you can use to take your home office on the road.

Call Forwarding

If you already have a toll-free number for your business, or use VoIP, then you absolutely need to use some sort of forwarding service if you’re going to be travelling often. International business phone forwarding will allow you to receive phone calls directed to your office wherever you are. And these services are also very affordable, some starting at only around $4.95 per month. This is an essential if you’re going to be moving a lot and don’t want callers to be welcomed by an automated message every time they call.

A Hotspot

You can’t rely on the Wi-Fi service wherever you’ll be, so getting a hotspot will be essential, if only as a backup. Your connection is your lifeline, and being stuck without internet for even a day could severely affect your business or delay important projects you were working on. The Verizon Jetpack is an example of a great one you can use, but there are many international hotspot services that will give you unlimited internet access in a wide variety of destinations around the globe.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an important component of any business, but even more so for a mobile one. Cloud storage becomes even more important when you frequently switch between networks and storage. Good cloud storage could save you in situations when someone needs a crucial file, for instance, and you’re stuck somewhere with nothing but a mobile device. So make sure that you use more than one service and consider using tools that will automatically backup any type of work you do on the cloud, such as Carbonite or Mozy.

World Compatible Mobile

Getting a new SIM wherever you go can get tiring, so you should also consider picking up a world compatible phone with a decent international plan. Another alternative is getting a phone with multiple SIM slots which will allow you to get access to cheaper rates overseas. You’ll then be able to redirect any call coming from your main number to your overseas number and make savings.

A Portable Projector

If you think you’ll be giving a lot of presentations, then it’s always better to be safe than sorry and always have your equipment with you. Even if you think the place that you’re going to be giving the presentation in will have a projector, it’s always better to have equipment you’re familiar with. Invest in a good table projector, and make sure that it is rechargeable as well.

Taking your business on the go can be fairly easy depending on your particular line of business. But with the proper preparation, mindset, and tools at your disposal, making the transition should be a breeze.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - 5 Essentials for Taking Your Business Mobile
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