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5 Tips To Keep In Mind For Viewing Cherry Blossom (Sakura) In Japan

Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan

When I was young, I used to watch an anime called Cardcaptor Sakura and liked the female lead Sakura very much. My interest in her character led me to a discovery about the famous season of Cherry Blossom, which is incidentally called Sakura in Japanese. Back then, I was only 10 but was already determined that viewing cherry blossoms would be the first thing I would do when in Japan.

Cherry Blossom season is among the most awaited times of the year. People from within and outside the country make headway to parks for picnics or to simply take a walk around and enjoy the beauty which these amazing flowers spread throughout the country. However, the season is short-lived and due to its popularity, you should not expect that the viewing is necessarily convenient, especially if you want to gape at cherry blossoms while eating rice bowls and drinking Sake.

In this post, I will offer you 5 tips which can help you view cherry blossoms and enjoy their magic while it lasts. So, read along and know what you should keep in mind.

  1. First thing first, check the forecast.
    Yes, as noted earlier, cherry blossom season is short-lived and if you do not plan right, you might end up missing the view.
    There is this thing called Sakura Zensen which translates into the Cherry Blossom Front. It essentially means the advancement of cherry blossoms throughout the country. On the basis of the pace of advancement, the forecast is made as to when you can witness full blossoming.
    You should keep your travel dates near the aforesaid period so that you are more likely to witness full blossoming by the time you get here. However, it is to be noted that the accuracy of the forecast is as difficult to ascertain as that of weather. So, luck also plays a big role in deciding whether you get to see the blossoming.
  2. Be Quick While Booking.
    You might underestimate the popularity of this season, but let me put it straight: I am a religious Japanophile and I can tell you that the craze is global. So, just like you, most people are following the forecast and making bookings. This means you will have to book as soon as you can otherwise you might not get good deals.
    You should know that airlines are cheap during this season. Moreover, lounging facilities become competitive so you can get cheaper and better deals without much compromise. So, hurry up!
  3. Early Morning or early afternoon is the right time.
    The crowd is unbelievable during the viewing season. If you are someone who does not like crowds or simply wants to enjoy the viewing peacefully, then you might want to opt out from going to the viewing during the evening or late morning.
    It is recommended that you head to locations which are lesser known. Go there early in the morning or afternoon. Avoid evening strolls to these areas because family picnics and office workers get-together become prominent.
  4. Festivals!
    The grandeur of Cherry Blossom is unparalleled and the Japanese make sure they enjoy the season as much as they can. So, you can expect public celebrations throughout the country. From metropolitan Tokyo to quieter locations such as Hirosaki, you can find people celebrating festivals on account of cherry blossom season.
    Become a part of the crowd, and you will enjoy the best there is—and trust me, the experience will be like nothing else you have experienced before.
  5. Be Prepared For Anything
    You might face a few problems even when you are fully prepared. For example, the locations are too crowded in the city where you are lounging or that you cannot make reservations. Well, do not fret because Japan comes with all kinds of solutions.There is a well-established system of transportation running throughout the length and breadth of the country. You can conveniently view cherry blossoms in other cities without having to move accommodation. I suggest that you get a rail pass for convenient travel.

Due to the increasing crowd, you might not readily get things you want but do not worry—there is plenty and you just have to put in some efforts to get them.

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