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Best Textile Shopping Destinations in the World

Fabric in many colors

Textiles form an important constituent of shopping for any traveler irrespective of the nationality or creed. Shopping for fine clothing is quite exciting, and also forms an important souvenir in memory of the place.

Right from a historic perspective, textiles is an essential style statement and possession for people who are interested in having interesting stuff. With modern machines ruling the market, textiles have undergone a dramatic change in terms of production, manufacturing, and variety.

At the same time, a lot of emphases has been made on handloom clothing as well for sustainable living. Here are some of the best textile shopping destinations in the world which keeps your wardrobe upgraded:

  1. New York City, USA:  New York is not only a cosmopolitan city in terms of fashion and brands but also with pocket-friendly textiles. Lot of attractive labels ranging from  GAP to budget brands like Levis are available at staggering ranges here.

    Statue of liberty New York, United-States

  2. Paris, France: It would be needless to mention Paris exclusively in textile shopping because of the fashion range it offers. Right from boutique brands to affordable daily use brands, Paris offers nothing but the best. Parisian fashion is also quite world famous for women’s lifestyle.

    Paris, France

  3. Milan, Italy: The biggest fashion names such as Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and Versace find their home in this gifted place. Visit the Quadilatero della Moda (a rectangle of gold) which is an important fashion district. Il Salvagente is one of the best fashion outlets for your budget needs.

    Milan, Italy

  4. Dubai, UAE: Dubai might look a bit laid back in the textile industry and more than the fashion industry but it is a misconception. Dubai has the best textile ranges which have a unique blend of Eastern and Western influences. Dubai Shopping Festival happens between Jan-Feb every year for an unforgettable textile shopping experience.

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  5. Hong Kong, China: For the people who are willing to travel to the Eastern side more than Western regions, Hong Kong is the perfect place for textile shopping. From attractive fashionable clothing to couture, Hong Kong has nothing but the best. Moreover, the rates are quite budget-friendly and easy to afford as well.

    Hong Kong

  6. London, USA: Classy fashion has been born in London for ages and many trends originated from here. From tweed and wool to fine linen, London offers the best textiles for the passionate shopper. The tremendous fashion sense here is quite evident in shops of Oxford Street and Trafalgar Square.

    Tower Bridge, London, England, United Kingdom

  7. Tokyo, Japan: Global Chain Isetan in a mega shopping store in this progressive city which is quite contemporary in nature. It is the fourth cheapest shopping destination in Asia and not just for textiles, Tokyo is a heaven for shoppers who are looking for electronics.

    Tokyo in Japan

  8. Ahmedabad, India: Looking for bulk clothing at an affordable cost ? Welcome to the land of polyester in India! Ahmedabad has the largest number of spinning mills in Asia and export textiles almost all over the world. The fine quality rayon and polyester here is quite affordable on the pocket.

    Ahmedabad, India

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - Best Textile Shopping Destinations in the World
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