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Fashion Icon: 15 Facts About Vogue’s Anna Wintour You Should Know

Anna Wintour

In the world of fashion, if there is a name which resonates more than anyone, then it has to be that of Anna Wintour. Anna Wintour is the current editor-in-chief of arguably the most influential fashion magazine in the world, Vogue and is known for her powerful connections in and outside the fashion world. She’s also the Artistic Director Artistic Director for global media company, Condé Nast, Vogue’s publisher, since 2013 – co-chair of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala for more than 20 years

All things said, Anna Wintour is much more than just a fashion celebrity. She has had an inspiring life and is much more than we know she is. In this article, I plan to discuss 5 facts about her life which make her who she is right now.

So, here are those facts about Anna Wintour which you should know, whether or not you have any interest in fashion.

  1. Nuclear Wintour!
    It is quite reasonable to expect a person as influential as Anna Wintour to have a sobriquet—and she does. Anna Wintour is known for a demanding and particularistic approach towards her work. Her ability to keep control of anything she takes up has attracted a number of admirers. As a result of which, she has been crowned with the nickname “Nuclear Wintour”.
  2. Fight Off The Chains.
    Anna Wintour is known for her promotion of liberating fashion and aims to take the fashion industry to revolutionary levels. Back in the time when she was studying at the North London Collegiate School, she challenged the dress code existing at that time and used to take up hemlines of her skirts. Now, we know that she has always been like this—and I love it!
  3. The Woman Behind Met Gala.
    Every year you hear about the grandeur with which Met Gala is announced, and every year the event gets better and bigger. If you haven’t guessed already, the powerhouse behind the event’s success is none other than our very own Anna Wintour.
    Anna Wintour has been organizing Met Gala since 1995. The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for whose funding the event is organized has been renamed as Anna Wintour Costume Center in her honor.
  4. A Dame Commander.
    Also known as the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, the order is recognition of a person’s contribution in the field of science and arts, charity and public service. If a male receives the order, he is designated as a knight and a female, a dame—and a dame is what our Anna Wintour is.
    Anna Wintour became a Dame Commander of the British Empire in 2017 for her immense contribution in the field of fashion.
  5. She Comes From A Family of Journalists.
    Anna Wintour has had the perfect family background which honed her editing skills much needed to make it big as a magazine editor. Her father was the editor of the Evening Standard for almost two decades. Her younger brother, Patrick Wintour, is also a well-established journalist who works as the diplomatic editor of the Guardian.
  6. Not Sunglasses.
    One of the many things for which Anna Wintour is known is her sunglasses. In almost every event, you would see her sashay classy sunglasses. However, it was revealed that those are actually not sunglasses; they are in fact corrective lenses because she suffers from poor vision.
    Whatever the situation may be, she does not let it affect her confidence and you can see that when you see her carry around fashionable pairs of sunglasses!
  7. Early To Bed; Early To Rise.
    I have never been able to follow the aforesaid principle in my life, but Anna Wintour has been following this routine religiously.
    Reports tell that she wakes up early to play tennis and goes to sleep by 10 every night. Moreover, she is known for not staying at parties for more than 20 minutes. So, if you thought she’d be a late night party animal, you know now that you cannot be farther from the truth.
  8. Devil Wears Prada.
    You might have heard of the movie (if not the book) and might be interested to know that the author was a former assistant to Anna Wintour, Lauren Weisberger.
  9. A reported annual salary of $2 million.
  10. An estimated net-worth of $35 million.
  11. In 2014 Anna had an annual clothing budget rumoured to be $200,000.
  12. Anna lives in a 4-story, 3,960 sq-ft town house on Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village. The home dates back to 1899.
  13. Located at 172 Sullivan Street, her home sits in the heart of one of the most expensive and sought after burrows in New York City.
  14. Wintour also owns a summer home in Mastic, New Jersey.
  15. As the perennial host and chair of the annual Met Gala, for which she’s helped raise over $175 million for the Costume Institute.

The book is loosely based on Lauren’s experiences and highlights the torturous life of an assistant to a magazine fashion editor. The character, Miranda Priestly, is said to be based on Wintour.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Fashion Icon: 15 Facts About Vogue’s Anna Wintour You Should Know
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