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Must Visit Yoga Retreats In The World

Yoga is one of those fitness activities which goes beyond the body and mind. It is a soul related activity which has tremendous health benefits and overall living. As a result, many people have been taking active interest in practicing it- especially in the western countries.

Yoga relaxes the body and mind and rejuvenates the soul. Many tourism destinations have been popularizing this activity by constructing exclusive retreats where the travelers find a place to stay and also a perfect landscape to practice yoga.

The ancient Indian activity has spread to countries all over the world for the benefits. Here are some of the must visit yoga retreats in the world:

  1. India: How can one miss the birth country of yoga for a perfect retreat experience? There are some wide range of ashrams such as Rishikesh, Thiruvannamalai, Auroville, and God’s Own Country Kerala for an unforgettable yoga experience. Meet the sadhus and spiritual gurus who teach the science in a deep level.
  2. Spain: This inquisitive European destination may not be the obvious choice at first, but with its sandy beaches, amazing landscape and perfect sunny climate, Spain offers the best yoga retreats in the world. The high season starts from August to September but if you want to go budget friendly, choose the low- key season during January – February.
  3. Indonesia: With healthy food options, picturesque yoga ashrams, holistic food, and wide range of international travelers- Indonesia offer everything. With its strong Indian roots, Indonesia has Bali Islands which is the hottest destination ever for yoga practices. Being budget friendly as well, Indonesia is every yoga lover’s paradise. Also check out Ubud, Canggu,  and Seminyak which lesser-known tourist destinations yet make an amazing mark.
  4. Thailand:  For unforgettable yoga retreats, Thailand is the best destination. For a wide range of budget-friendly yoga places, Thailand offers best. Healthy food options and the local Thai cuisine is another must try during the stay here.  Also check Koh Samui, Chiang Mai,  Koh Phangan and Phuket in this marvelous country.
  5. United States: This land of hopes and dreams is high on yoga retreat scene. Many Americans have found bliss in practicing yoga and opened up some amazing yoga retreats ranging from California,  Hawaii,  Florida,  and Arizona for a wide range of yoga retreats. With a comfortable climate and even good connectivity, it is easier to travel to USA for best yoga experience.
  6. Costa Rica:  Pura Vida in this place is quite a fantastic option for yoga retreats. The peak season starts from December- January but for solitude like an experience , October is less crowded month for tourists. This magical place is perfect to head with its consistent climatic conditions. Also visit Santa Cruz, Nosara, and Santa Teresa which are lesser known destinations.
  7. Mexico: If you prefer sunnier climates and got bored of long winters, Mexico is the right destination. Cheerful crowd, impressive cultural roots, and heritage, Mexico is a traveler out and out delight. Visit  Riviera Maria,  Puerto Vallarta, and Chiapas as well during the stay in this majestic country.
  8. Greece: Combine yoga and Greek sunshine with a holiday on Santorini, the southernmost of the Cyclades islands, staying in whitewashed houses at a boutique hotel with pool outside the village of Oia. There really is nothing else quite like Santorini for our sunshine yoga holidays.

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