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Ten Management Lessons To Be Learnt From Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is one of those greatest business thinkers who doesn’t inspire just management gurus but also common folk. It is downright inspirational to see Warren Buffet even give life lessons which involve business, peaceful thoughts which are downright motivational.

Warren Buffet ‘s own life is one inspiration where he proved that there is no right age to earn money and attain things in great ease.

Here are the top ten management lessons which are to be learned from this remarkable thinker:

  1. Look Ahead of Future: While being in present and completely at the moment is one thoughtful spiritual idea, Warren Buffet says it otherwise. He says looking ahead about future gives you a vision and a proper plan on how to plan work day with great perfection. He also says learn about the past, be aware of it but never associate emotionally with what has actually happened. IN this way procrastination can beat up.
  2. Doing is better than Knowing: It might be energy boosting to just be confined to knowing various things but doing it in action is quite appealing. Being an action-oriented person not only helps in business but also in life’s decisions.
  3. Learn to Say No:  Saying yes to absolutely everything which comes along can be a catastrophe because it would drain the resources.  Choose when to say no for a project which might have the slightest possibility of taking away your time unproductively.
  4. Seize the Opportunity:  Observe the opportunities around and even if it doesn’t look entirely feasible to you- always make a chance to do things which might work. Let it be a small project, or pursuing a hobby, or learning a new skill- seize the attractive opportunity.
  5. Invest in Yourself: The greatest management tip which Warren Buffet gives is before investing in business ideas, invest in your development, self-care and also make sure to keep some time for yourself.  Because overall growth is quite necessary to progress in life.
  6. Take Your Dreams Seriously: Believing in something larger than life is never a crime. Many people have given up on dreams because they did not believe them enough to build a world on it. Dreams are valuable and they should be taken seriously.
  7. Be Patient: At times, the effort and hard work put into something takes time to manifest into reality. This period actually gets intimidating for anyone but patience matters a lot.
  8. Take Risks: Risk-taking is actually a good quality to have in life and business because it brings out new opportunities and interests.  Without a bit of risk, there is never a development in learning or getting progressed.
  9. Do Nothing – It Helps:  Being a busy person all the time doesn’t speak of productivity. It is important to take breaks during work and keep a me-time aside for personal development.
  10. Have a Save First Philosophy:  Before thinking of spending money on something instantaneously, think of how it can be saved for a good reason.

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