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Food Guide To Explore The Best In Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Exotic food, sumptuous snacks, and the amazing culinary fabric are some of the greatest reasons why travelers flock to the ancient city of Istanbul. The city is also known for exotic royal cuisine because of its 10,000-year-old history.

Interestingly, the plants, spices, and meats here are quite indigenous and have a fabric of its own. Istanbul, Turkey‘s largest city, was ranked 5th most beautiful cities in Europe for 2019, also ranked among the world’s most exciting cities, and cities with the most skyscrapers in the world (21st). Culturally, Istanbul has the best of eastern and western aspects blended amazingly together for beautiful fusion cuisine.

Here is an exclusive food guide to exploring the best culinary experience in Istanbul:

Visit Lades Restaurant in Istanbul, the best place for breakfast in Istanbul which serves Menemen- a Turkish version of eggs, onion, tomato green pepper and spices which is cooked in an earthen pot. Try the same even in any of the street places of Istanbul to get the best local flavor to begin the day.

Ciya Sofrasi is another amazing place which has the Asian edge of Istanbul food. Cross the Bosphorous Strait to get to this place. For those who don’t have the time to travel that long and yet want such food experience, Kadikoy is a good option. Try out olive bodegas, fish stands, and don’t forget to grab a table outside any restaurant to get the outdoor feel!

Limonlu Banche is the hipster scene of Istanbul and Ayran, an amazing drink made from yogurt, mint, and cucumber is one must try here. This drink is incredibly cooling and a summer must-have for the international foodie traveler.

Dwell in Pandeli, the hub of Istanbul spices and a must visit tourist destination. Despite it’s touristy feel, Pandeli offers a time travel experience back to the past. Try the local meatballs and the authentic wine at Marmara Pera Hotel, in Beyoglu area.  The all-night serving of food here is another attraction.

Also Try Meze, for a cold starter which comes in multiple varieties such as chili tomato paste (Ezme), Grilled Eggplants with Yogurt (Patlican Ezmesi) and Mint Yogurt Dip (Haydari).  The kuyu kababi, is a delicacy from black sea which is downright delicious. Order the real authentic kuyu kababi at its place of origin in the district of Fatih.

Iskender Kebap is doner meat which is made of beaten up meat seasoned with local herbs and spices. It is often served with pita bread along with buttered rice.  Every meat enthusiast must try the Adena Kebap which has originated from  Adana, the southeast of Istanbul.  Made with lamb meat, and interestingly it is of the lamb which is grown in a natural environment. Garnished with local red peppers, brochette,  charcoal grilled in lava, this dish also has grilled onion, tomato and pepper as the side.

Lufer is a locally caught fish which is quite big and easy to clean as well. The younger version of Lufer is called sarikanat- which is even more tastier! Also try Manti- a Turkish version of Ravioli served with cold yogurt and garlic. The thinner and smaller wrapped pieces bring even more taste to the dish.

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