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How To Boost Employee Morale

Money isn’t everything. To build a happy and motivated workforce, throwing money at it isn’t the answer. This may create short-term motivation for employees, but boosting morale is a cultural thing within your business. You have to build a culture that motivates people and gives them what they need. Here’s how.

Create a welcoming office space

Quality desks, ergonomic chairs with wheels from Tente to guarantee safety, desk fans, and good computer equipment all contribute to employees being happy and motivated in their day-to-day work. Additional perks such as decent coffee, free fruit, games tables, and comfortable breakout spaces can all contribute to the motivation levels of your workforce.

Make them feel part of something

If a staff member understands how their efforts contribute to the wider business it will help with their day to day motivation. If you can illustrate how each person and each team impacts the success of the business, you’ll build teams that want to keep striving for more. Just tread carefully in how you approach this. Simply telling your staff how well the business is doing and how much money it is making can demotivate. Concentrate on showcasing their fantastic work.

Recognise good work

If someone goes above and beyond, don’t just expect it, reward it. Shout about the fantastic work your employees are doing and make it known how much you appreciate them. Simple things such as an extra day off, a voucher, or a night out for a team can do the world of good.

Have regular one to ones

Staff feedback is crucial to help build a culture of high employee morale and motivation. Set key objectives and work with your employees to help achieve them. Listen to where they want to go in their careers and put training plans in place to help them reach their goals. And most-importantly don’t cancel one-to-ones. Even if something urgent comes up, it can be extremely demoralising to cancel a meeting your employee will have been preparing for and that will be very important to them.

Promote from within

If key senior positions become available, don’t simply hire in from elsewhere. Give your existing employees the chance to apply for them and have a defined process for internal job applications. Seeing someone else work their way up and be rewarded for their hard work will act as a key motivator for your existing employees.

Make it fun

A fun working environment can often be a productive one too. Don’t make it all about work and you should be rewarded with employees that see it as an extension of their lives as opposed to something that simply pays the bills. While you may not want to go all out and invest in a slide or ball pit in your office, simple things like paid for drinks on a Thursday or Friday, regular team socials, and team building away days can really help. If you have a monthly department meeting, finish it with a quiz. A fun office is a happy office.

Give your employees the chance to make the most of their time at work and they should repay you with the quality of their output.

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