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Education and Career

Education and Career

CEO Survey underscores how skills to leverage AI can land you a lucrative job

According to a recent survey by CEOWORLD magazine, almost 75 percent of CEOs view generative AI as a crucial investment priority. They hope to increase profitability, encourage innovation, and improve security for their companies. More than half of the survey participants ranked spending on new technology over training their current...
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Linguistic Diversity: Top Most Spoken Languages of the World, 2023

In today's interconnected world, language is the key to communication among the 8 billion people inhabiting our planet. There are approximately 7,118 living languages spoken globally, each representing a unique means of expression, a vessel for cultural preservation, and a tool for comprehension and learning. Throughout history, learning new languages...
Education and Career

A Guide To German School Milan

International schools are the best choices for a multicultural, inclusive educational environment for children. They are especially beneficial for immigrant children who may struggle to adapt to the local-centric ecosystem in public schools. True, these schools are not cheap, but their facilities are on par with international standards. We’ve been...
Smart Cities
Education and Career

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Innovators: The Role of STEM Philosophy in Shaping Youth Culture for Smart Cities

As urban populations continue to swell and technologies accelerate, the development of smart cities will be crucial for supporting sustainable growth well into the future. To thrive in these dynamic urban environments, tomorrow’s generations must cultivate innovative mindsets and skill sets to tackle evolving challenges. STEM-based education holds excellent potential...
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