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A Guide To German School Milan

International schools are the best choices for a multicultural, inclusive educational environment for children. They are especially beneficial for immigrant children who may struggle to adapt to the local-centric ecosystem in public schools. True, these schools are not cheap, but their facilities are on par with international standards.

We’ve been extensively covering international schools in Italy for quite some time now. Today, too, we shall cover another famous international school in Italy, which should provide your child with the best possible educational facilities and ensure a holistic development of his personality.

So, which school are we talking about? The name is Deutsche Schule Mailand or simply German School Milan. Let’s talk in greater detail about what it is all about and what you should expect from the school.

A bit of history 

German School Milan has been around for a long time now. It started as a primary school way back in 1886. Back then, only 38 students attended the school, of which 20 were German, 16 were Italian, and 2 were Swiss.

Over time, the school expanded and eventually moved to its current location. Presently, it has more than 1,000 students within its fold. In 2015, the school attracted international limelight as the European Conference of the WDA-World Association of German Schools took place at the campus. The school is also the recipient of the “Excellent German School Abroad” seal of quality from the German school authorities.

In 2020, in the wake of the pandemic, the school successfully transitioned to digital education. The efforts were recognized as the school was identified as a “Digital School” in 2021.

Phases of Education

Children are admitted across the following phases:

      • Kindergarten: Small children are encouraged to engage in creative play. They are exposed to fun-filled learning activities for rudimentary development. Children are divided based on their language proficiency, with Italian and German being the main language of instruction.
      • Elementary School: The Elementary school at the school expects appropriate language skills. The languages of instruction remain the same. Subjects taught during this phase include math, general knowledge, crafts, music, and languages.
      • High School: After having spent four years at elementary school, children migrate to middle school and finally to upper school; together, these two levels are called high school. Ultimately, students have to write the prestigious German International Abitur Examination. Subjects include social sciences, natural sciences, music, arts, sports, math, and linguistics.

School Life 

Several provisions have been made to enable a wholesome school life experience.

      • There’s a canteen and afternoon care facility. In the latter, lunch, homework support, afternoon snacks, and extracurriculars are covered.
      • The school maintains two libraries. Separate libraries exist for students until elementary school and students in high school.
      • Appropriate extracurricular support is offered. Language courses, instrumental lessons, Kung Fu, gymnastics, dance, and sports are available for participation.
      • The mental health of students is a priority. A dedicated psycho-educational counseling service is present within the premises.
      • To inculcate strong social and cultural values, social projects are conducted from time to time. These projects include Christmas Bazaar and Tea Time.

Enrollment Details 

While it is best you go through their brochure, some key points about their enrollment process have been mentioned below:

      • The enrollment process is open to Austrian, German, and Italian. In select conditions, other nationalities may be admitted.
      • There will be a personal interview following the application process.
      • Certain documents will have to be submitted: school transfer certificate, birth certificate, two passport-size photos, Italian tax number of the parents, and resilience permit for non-EU citizens.
      • A one-time registration fee will be charged upon application.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - A Guide To German School Milan
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