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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - CEO Survey underscores how skills to leverage AI can land you a lucrative job

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CEO Survey underscores how skills to leverage AI can land you a lucrative job

According to a recent survey by CEOWORLD magazine, almost 75 percent of CEOs view generative AI as a crucial investment priority. They hope to increase profitability, encourage innovation, and improve security for their companies. More than half of the survey participants ranked spending on new technology over training their current workforce.

To excel in the job market and secure better-paying positions, it’s crucial to possess AI skills. The importance of generative AI skills is increasingly spreading to fields beyond software engineering and data science, including research and accounting, making it a vital skill set for all industries. I hope this helps clarify the message. Let me know if you need further assistance.

According to a September report from the job search platform Adzuna, the standard salary for a job that requires generative AI skills is $138,232. EdX, the online education platform, has reported that an astonishing 87 percent of C-suite executives are having difficulty finding the right talent with proficient AI abilities to occupy those positions.

It is a super-important skill set for all job seekers, feels Jay Shankar, vice president of global talent acquisition at Amazon Web Services, emphasizing the ubiquity of AI in today’s professional landscape. As per Anant Agarwal, MIT professor and edX co-founder, prompt engineering is the “single most important” AI skill to pick up.

Carefully selecting the right questions and prompts is essential for achieving successful outcomes when using chatbots and AI learning tools. When asking for an answer, the more specific you are with your inquiry, the more quickly you will get the desired result.

“How you ask for something [from a generative AI tool] is very critical,” emphasized the edX co-founder.

But one need not worry! There are scores of free online courses on platforms like Google, Microsoft, edX, Coursera, and LinkedIn.

Additionally, this ability doesn’t require a significant amount of time to acquire. The creator of edX encourages people to welcome AI know-how, noting that one shouldn’t be scared of technology replacing employment, but instead be concerned with the probability of being overtaken by those who learn AI competencies more quickly.

In essence, mastering the AI skill is thus the “single most important” one for career advancements in this evolving landscape.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - CEO Survey underscores how skills to leverage AI can land you a lucrative job
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