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Things To Know About the International School of Bergamo

Italy has a long legacy in education, especially international education. It has been the confluence point for many ancient and medieval scholars and continues to be one for modern-day scholars. The Italian education system, therefore, leans heavily towards scholarship–and expats and locals know that fully well.

That being said, locals, especially expats, look for schools that are multicultural and academically global. The demand makes international schools a very viable option. And, in Italy, you’ll find surging numbers of these schools, with the International School of Bergamo being one notable mention.

Today, we’re going to talk about the International School of Bergamo:

A Brief Introduction To The School 

Let’s start with the basics. International School of Bergamo was founded in 2011 in the namesake area in Italy. This new venture is a collaboration between Chiara Traversi and Guia Ghidoli. Ever since its inception, it has managed to jostle its way into the group of elite international schools in the country.

Its performance has only scaled up. In 2018, the school became an esteemed member of the Inspired Education Group. The group covers as many as 70 premium schools across five continents and represents institutions with exceptional curricular and extracurricular exposure.

So far as the programs are concerned, the school is in itself an IB Continuum School, which effectively means that it can administer the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP). The school facilitates the administration of these programs through a slew of on-campus facilities.


It is important to consider the several phases of education in the school:

      • Early Years: Pre-school education is taken care of under the Early Years curriculum. Students are taught the most rudimentary concepts and engage in play-learn activities. The focus is primarily on their literacy skills.
      • Primary School: The PYP is administered for primary school education. The curriculum is transdisciplinary. Inquiry-based instructions are given on subjects including math, social studies, linguistics, arts, and sciences. Italian as an additional language is introduced.
      • Middle School: The MYP is the next step in international education. The curriculum stays transdisciplinary and covers subjects such as language & literature, arts, social studies, math, science, design, and physical & health education.
      • High School: At the school, High School is a four-year academic program divided into two phases. The first two years involve the completion of the MYP, and the final two years involve the completion of the rigorous IBDP.



A range of on-campus facilities are available for the wholesome enrichment of the students.

      • A dedicated area for Early Years education.
      • A state-of-the-art innovation hub.
      • A large school library.
      • A sprawling outdoor area marked by a football pitch, a multipurpose sports unit, and playgrounds.
      • An indoor gym.
      • A dance & music studio.
      • A bus service is available subject to the area of residency.
      • There is an indoor canteen that prepares healthy food in clean and upgraded kitchens.


Being an international school, it has its own admissions requirements in consonance with its brethren.

      • The admissions are on a rolling basis but subject to the availability of the seats.
      • Students with affiliation with current students in the school are preferred.
      • After Grade 7, a formal assessment of the applicant will be conducted to determine suitability.
      • Proficiency in English plays a huge role in admissions here.
      • Dedicated assistance is available for children with special needs.
      • A series of documents will have to be submitted for evaluation, such as passport copies, report card copies, passport-sized photos, and birth certificate copies.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Things To Know About the International School of Bergamo
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