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The world’s top 10 countries in terms of reaching net zero by 2050

Some countries are lagging behind in adopting the Zero Carbon Balance target. But some others have been properly prepared and are ready to achieve the goal of Zero Carbon Balance. Norway ranks at the top of the list regarding the Net Zero Readiness Index. Climate change will undoubtedly impact Norway....
CEO Insider

Is 2022 Ready for You?

As we approach the close of 2021, you’re probably being questioned about whether you’re ready for the new year. It may be more appropriate to ask: Is 2022 ready for you? Rather than brace yourself for the uncertainty of what’s next, it’s time to be proactive. To start, reflect on...
CEO Agenda

Why your business needs a CFO

When you are in business you want to be sure that you have surrounded yourself with a qualified team that will help you reach your business goals. Traditional corporate structures lay a good foundation for the types of team members you will want to work with. When your business needs...
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