Sunday, January 24, 2021

Chuck Kent

Chuck Kent

Chuck Kent is the Chief Conversation Officer at Lead the Conversation, a content creation consultancy that makes it easier for busy executives to create authentic thought leadership content and lead meaningful industry conversations. Chuck Kent is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
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Executive Insider

4 ways CEOs can make diversity come alive

The evidence gets clearer every year: diversity pays.  You hear it from academia: “Diversity is associated with increased sales revenue, more customers, greater market share, and greater relative profits,” according to the University of Chicago. And it’s the conclusion of top consultants: “Top-team ethnic and cultural diversity is correlated with...
CEO Insider

The CEO Activist and the Social Impact Brand

So, you’re the CEO of a consumer brand – especially a big consumer brand – and you don’t want to miss out on the social impact bandwagon. You want to be an activist CEO. You want to be on trend. Big hint: If that’s your motivation, you’ve already missed the bandwagon.  At...
C-Suite Agenda

Three Reasons CEOs Don’t Become Thought Leaders

Many CEOs, forever looking to drive growth, curiously overlook one growth driver that is increasingly powerful: thought leadership. Research from Edelman revealed that 64% of B2B CXOs vet organizations through their thought leadership – and for 48% it has directly led to awarding business. This is particularly important in professional...
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What CEOs Must Know About IPOs and Thought Leadership

IPOs came roaring out of the gate in 2018, only to smack into a long-awaited stock market correction. Nonetheless, signs for some sectors, such as tech, remain encouraging.  Seeking Alpha notes that “The tech sector’s average return is 25% from IPO,” and The New York Times forecasts an “IPO wave”...
CEO Insider

Why a CEO Should be the Storyteller in Chief

Among your many responsibilities as CEO, none is more critical than that of brand champion. Internally you’re the visionary, inspiring the organization to live out its purpose. Externally – like it or not – you’re the keeper and communicator of your brand’s promise, the beacon and bellwether looked to by customers,...