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Anna Papadopoulos

Anna Papadopoulos

Anna Papadopoulos is a senior money, wealth, and asset management reporter at CEOWORLD magazine, covering consumer issues, investing and financial communities + author of the CEOWORLD magazine newsletter, writing about money with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. You can follow CEOWORLD magazine on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or connect on LinkedIn for musings on money, wealth, asset management, millionaires, and billionaires. Email her at
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Wealthiest People in Australia (August 4, 2022)

As of August 4, 2022, Gina Rinehart was the wealthiest man in Australia, with an estimated net worth of 28.7 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Andrew Forrest (No. 2, $16.5 billion), Mike Cannon-Brookes (No. 3, $14.1 billion); and Scott Farquhar (No. 4, $14.0 billion).    Anthony Pratt is the fifth-richest person in Australia, with a whopping $10.9 billion. Harry Triguboff ranked...
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Wealthiest People in Turkey (July 30, 2022)

As of July 30, 2022, Murat Ulker was the wealthiest man in Turkey, with an estimated net worth of 4.8 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Hamidi Ulukaya (No. 2, $2.5 billion), Ibrahim Erdemoglu  (No. 3, $2.3 billion); and  Erman Illicak (No. 4, $2.3 billion). Ferit Faik Sahenk is the fifth-richest person in Turkey, with a...
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Wealthiest People in France (July 28, 2022)

As of July 28, 2022, Bernard arnault was the wealthiest man in France, with an estimated net worth of 157.2 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Francoise Bettencourt (No. 2, $72.3 billion), Rodolphe Saade (No. 3, $41.4 billion); and Francois Pinault (No. 4, $35.7 billion). Alain Wertheimer is the fifth-richest person in France, with a whopping $28.9 billion....
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