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Hopebridge CEO Kim Strunk Discusses Autism Therapy Centers: BCBAs Help Kids Unlock Opportunities and Realize Their Potential

Kim Strunk

Once thought of as a rare condition, autism now impacts 1 in 44 children, according to 2021 figures from the CDC. Autism rates continue to increase annually – impacting both children and their families. Kim Strunk and the team at Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers have come up with a unique approach to helping kids with autism thrive.

According to CEO Kim Strunk, autism therapy centers can make a huge and lasting impact on kids with autism and their families. By incorporating Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) with individualized treatment plans, professional Board-Certified Behavior Analysts help kids and their families thrive. According to Kim Strunk, the Hopebridge model is so effective because of the fusion of therapy, specialists and collaboration:

“It’s because of this fusion of services and environments under one roof that we are able to create specialized plans of care for each individual. Unlike home, hospital or classroom options, it allows for constant communication and collaboration between therapists, in addition to peer interaction and school preparation at a pace guided by your child.”

BCBA Professionals Improve Lives and Outcomes

Autism is not a uniform condition; it is a true spectrum, and every individual impacted by the condition needs uniquely customized support and therapies. Using Applied Behavioral Analysis, the BCBAs at Hopebridge create individualized plans and supports for clients. Each plan is as unique as the child it is designed to serve and support. Supported peer interaction helps grow social skills in a safe environment, giving kids with autism the opportunity to learn and grow in a fun and tailored space.

What is a BCBA Therapist?

A Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst is a therapist specifically trained to assist individuals with autism spectrum disorders and related conditions. By creating individual plans that cater to each child’s needs, the BCBA therapist can help ensure that goals are met, and that both the child and their family find success. Hopebridge BCBA professionals are committed to helping children with autism meet goals – and to determining the best way to seamlessly incorporate needed new skills into their home and school environments. A BCBA therapist has extra training specifically designed to help coordinate and execute care plans; they are an essential part of any healthcare team for an individual with autism.

Helping Kids with Autism Succeed

Hopebridge serves the needs of families and kids with autism at all levels. By incorporating a BCBA-led team, the brand can offer flexible and individualized programs for each child. Since autism impacts every child differently, the therapies and approaches offered can differ.

In some cases, ABA therapy looks a lot like playtime. By pairing a dedicated therapist and team with each child, Hopebridge ensures that clients are engaged and encouraged. Discovering what topics, characters, toys and approaches a child likes best helps the BCBA team come up with approaches that resonate – and that build lasting skills.

Peer-to-Peer Interaction at Hopebridge

People of all ages with autism may struggle to communicate. From those who are unable to communicate even basic needs to those who speak well but miss nuance and body language cues, practice is essential. Hopebridge offers a safe place to interact with peers in a positive way and to practice social skills at all levels. Practicing these crucial skills can lead to more harmonious and easier communication at home and at school. By offering organized peer-to-peer interaction, Hopebridge helps reinforce critical skills that will help clients relay feelings, needs and concerns in other environments.

Hopebridge Relies on BCBA Teams for Success

Since both adults and children with autism vary in their needs and level of support, having a BCBA work with the child and family ensures success. Kids who have been struggling at home or in the classroom find the skills and support they need at Hopebridge. The BCBA team works with the family and child to target specific goals and outcomes, then incorporates them using proven ABA methods. Getting to know the individual child is a huge part of the process. By understanding their interests and concerns, a therapist can tailor a program to meet a child’s specific needs – and ensure that the therapy is both engaging and effective.

A Place for Autism Care, A Place for Hope

Facilities like Hopebridge continue to serve the needs of local communities as autism continues to grow. Kids with autism have more support and resources now than ever before, thanks to a growing number of BCBA professionals and clinics throughout the nation. By creating a safe and engaging environment and hiring a team that has the expertise and skills to make a difference, Hopebridge is changing lives and outcomes every day.

As Hopebridge continues to grow and expand into more locations, more hope is available for families and children facing the unique challenges posed by an autism diagnosis. To learn more about supporting someone with autism or to get help in your own community, reach out to Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers today.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Hopebridge CEO Kim Strunk Discusses Autism Therapy Centers: BCBAs Help Kids Unlock Opportunities and Realize Their Potential
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