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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - A Conversation with Seaquake Crypto CEO Andrew Katz

CEO Spotlight

A Conversation with Seaquake Crypto CEO Andrew Katz

Which qualities have made Seaquake Co-founder and CEO Andrew Katz successful as a C-suite executive, innovator, and cutting-edge entrepreneur?

According to Katz, his sustained and remarkable success over the years has been due to three key factors:

  1. An unrelenting drive.
  2. The ability to adapt and pivot at a moment’s notice.
  3. An instinct for thinking outside the box and addressing new challenges from a unique perspective.   

Katz’s former colleagues and associates are continually impressed by his incredible attention to detail and his near-instant grasp of client needs. Katz never seems to lose sight of his primary objective, and he is ever-determined to surpass expectations at every opportunity. 

As Seaquake’s leader, Katz oversees “a team of creative minds dedicated to stabilizing the digital assets market using proven technologies to modernize fragmented infrastructure and other efficiencies in the market.” To achieve this, Katz and the Seaquake team utilize Orbis, the platform’s core engine, to drive increased liquidity, stability, and volume for partner exchanges around the globe. 

Although Katz spends much of his time buried in work, he sincerely enjoys Seaquake’s innovative work culture. He is also thrilled to be part of a firm working to solve problems and power an entire industry into the future.  

Before establishing Seaquake alongside CTO Dylan Knight, Katz worked in hedge funds, banking, and private banking. Katz has more than 15 years of experience in finance, and his resume includes notable roles at EFG Bank, Zooz Capital, LeGarde Capital, and UBS.

Katz earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He then attended Harvard, earning his Master’s degree in Finance. 

During a recent interview, Andrew Katz provided insight into how he manages a solid work-life balance while maintaining a consistently high level of productivity. He also offered a closer look at what the future holds for Seaquake and the digital assets industry. 

Describe what an average day at Seaquake looks like and how you remain so productive. 

Our company utilizes a remote work environment heavily dependent on consistent and constant communication. Dylan, our CTO, devotes much of his time to supporting the Seaquake tech team with assistance and ideas. At the same time, I direct our leadership team, ensuring everyone is focused on achieving the same objective. 

An average day includes regular strategy sessions and routine check-ins with our team. This helps ensure we are on the right course. We regularly connect with investors and clients to ensure everything is aligned with our current roadmap. 

How do you prioritize tasks and make sure things stay on track?

We stay organized by utilizing a variety of analyses and strategizing with my team. It’s imperative to stay organized, so we do not fall behind as we always do many things simultaneously. We are always tackling multiple projects and tasks at once; collaboration tools, such as google docs, help keep things moving as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

How do you achieve a balance between the personal and professional? What do you do in your free time?

Staying organized is the key to maintaining a solid work-life balance. When things are properly scheduled, tracked, and aligned with your goal, you’re better positioned to make time for the personal and the professional. 

As far as my free time goes, I enjoy staying physically active. This is what keeps me clear-minded and energized. I also enjoy traveling whenever the opportunity arises.

In your experience, what is the best way to bring ideas to life? 

I’ve always found the best way to bring new ideas to life is through conversation and a desire and inclination to operate outside of your comfort zone. 

At Seaquake, our team is always on the hunt for knowledge, no matter how we get it or where it happens. We pursue knowledge using various means, whether through new libraries, new tools, or simply creating something of our own. We are always ready and willing and ready to try new things and learn, no matter the source. 

Can you name one strategy that has been key to growing your business?

We develop the majority of the technology we use in-house, such as our technology stack that is built in a way where every system is both modular and has multiple uses, to allow us to create, backtest and put strategies live in minutes. Which meant we could pivot into multiple business lines ie the company was profitable and self-sustaining after about 10 months and we have only been soaring since, adding more lines of business. 

What is in store for Seaquake in the future?

As we get all our systems online, we expect Seaquake to be able to provide a complete crypto ecosystem from soup to nuts. Platforms like ours should help push the market’s institutional and overall growth in the months and years ahead.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - A Conversation with Seaquake Crypto CEO Andrew Katz
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