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Revealed: Countries most exposed to floods worldwide


From economic powerhouses to vulnerable nations, flood risk ties them together. The global story unfolds as numbers reveal diverse countries on nature’s edge. These statistics expose the truth: flood vulnerability disregards boundaries.

Join us in exploring this narrative, where landlocked countries face spring thaw, coastal regions combat rising seas, and economic strength yields to nature’s might. This story unites us, urging collective action to strengthen resilience and safeguard lives globally, transcending differences.

  1. Netherlands
    Being largely below sea level, the country grapples with a significant flood risk, with 58.7% of its population exposed to this threat. With about 59% of Dutch land at risk, managing water here is a delicate balance between control and potential disaster.
  2. Bangladesh
    Bangladesh, prone to floods from intense monsoon rains due to its Bay of Bengal location, faces severe risk of being just less than 39 feet above sea level. A slight sea level rise could inundate a substantial part of the country.
  3. Vietnam
    Vietnam, a densely populated nation with a coastline along the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea, faced devastating flash floods in September 2023 due to a cyclone from China. The floods particularly affect the most vulnerable, leaving the poorest without homes and bearing severe consequences.
  4. Egypt
    Egypt, a notable African nation with a robust $378 billion economy, is celebrated for its rich historical significance, notably the iconic pyramids. The country’s flooding vulnerability is tied to its reliance on the Nile River. The annual Nile floods during the monsoon season and any changes in rainfall patterns could have lethal consequences for the region.
  5. Myanmar
    With a $64 billion economy, faced substantial flooding in August 2023. While causing minimal loss of life, the floods led to significant devastation, displacing an estimated 60,000 individuals. These floods linked to the seasonal monsoon rains in Asia, intensified river levels, echoing issues in nearby areas.
  6. Laos
    In August, heavy rainfall in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic caused village flooding and river embankment collapses, highlighting critical challenges and emphasizing the need for substantial and sustainable solutions to address recurring vulnerabilities.
  7. Cambodia
    Close to Cambodia, heavy rainfall flooded villages, causing river embankments to collapse and impacting thousands of families. The floods unveiled critical challenges, emphasizing community vulnerability in infrastructure and livelihood. Urgent, lasting support for recovery and readiness is crucial.
  8. Guyana
    Situated in South America, Guyana faces significant flood risks due to its shared weather patterns with neighboring Suriname, heightening its susceptibility to flooding incidents. This recurrent challenge poses stability risks and threatens the well-being of its population.
  9. Suriname
    In South America, severe flooding in March 2022, linked to shifting weather patterns, highlighted the nation’s vulnerability to climate change, stressing the urgent need for adaptive measures.
  10. Iraq
    Despite its typically arid climate, the country faces a surprising challenge: flash floods from high rainfall. In April 2023, despite being one of the driest regions, it struggled with the aftermath of sudden, intense rains, revealing a lack of preparedness for such events.
  11. Thailand
    Located in Southeast Asia with access to the Gulf of Thailand, grapples with a flood risk affecting both communities and protected forests. The vulnerability of these stressed forests increases due to recurring flooding, compounding the nation’s challenges amidst various environmental factors.
  12. South Sudan
     A relatively new nation having gained independence in 2011 has grappled with persistent flooding issues for years. These floods have resulted in over half of the country’s territory being submerged, posing a substantial challenge to its development and the well-being of its population.
  13. Pakistan
    With a significant population, Pakistan shares vulnerabilities with China regarding widespread flood devastation. The dense population and geographical factors expose Pakistan to considerable risks, highlighting the urgent need for robust disaster management strategies to protect its communities from flood impacts.
  14. Nepal
    In Asia, a tragic event in June due to monsoon rains led to the loss of lives and missing individuals. This highlights the recurring challenge faced during the monsoon season, stressing the critical need for effective disaster response and mitigation strategies to protect the populace from such devastating outcomes.
  15. Congo
    With a $14.4 billion economy and a GDP per capita of $2,945, Congo faces a substantial flood risk affecting a significant portion of its population. Despite economic indicators, the vulnerability to flooding remains a critical concern, demanding attention to mitigate the impact on the well-being and stability of its communities.
  16. Philippines
    The country’s multiple islands were affected by Typhoon Doksuri, akin to China. Spread across numerous islands, its unique geography heightens vulnerability to such calamities, emphasizing the need for robust disaster response to protect its population from powerful storms and floods.
  17. Japan
    A global economic powerhouse that has faced significant disasters caused by hurricanes and floods, notably highlighted by the catastrophic event at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The country’s vulnerability to disasters like floods stresses the need for better preparedness and resilient infrastructure to protect its economy and citizens.
  18. Austria
    Though landlocked in Europe, was impacted by historic floods this year, breaking century-old river level records within the country. This event demonstrated that geography alone doesn’t shield from extreme flooding, stressing the necessity for robust infrastructure and disaster plans, even in less flood-prone regions.
  19. India
    The world’s most populous country is searching for over 100 missing people after a glacial lake burst, an event predicted for years. Its devastating impact highlights the crucial need for proactive measures and effective disaster response to address foreseeable environmental threats.
  20. Albania
    A nation that has been identified as one of the most vulnerable regions to the impacts of climate change, as highlighted in a 2020 report. This emphasizes the crucial need for environmental protection, adaptive measures, and sustainable policies to safeguard the population from evolving climate challenges.
  21. China
    The second most populous nation faces severe flooding, with Chinese cities experiencing a century’s worth of record-breaking rainfall in September 2023. The dense population heightens the impact, underlining the urgent need for flood management and resilient infrastructure to protect citizens and urban centers.
  22. Chad
    The country saw historic flooding in 2022, breaking records spanning decades. These events underscore the vulnerability of supposedly less flood-prone regions, emphasizing the critical need for improved disaster preparedness and response to reduce the impact on affected communities.
  23. Indonesia
    The island nation faces heightened flood vulnerability. Severe flooding and landslides in January 2023 caused significant damage. As an archipelago, it demands swift, robust disaster management for protection.
  24. Croatia
    In Central Europe, record-breaking flooding in May exposed the region’s vulnerability to extreme weather. This stresses the need to boost resilience and response to minimize flood impact on the country and its people.
  25. Slovak Republic
    A landlocked nation in Central Europe faces high spring river discharge from melting mountain snow, posing significant flood risks. Despite robust development and a GDP of $23,457 per capita, strategic flood management is crucial to protect well-being and infrastructure.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Revealed: Countries most exposed to floods worldwide
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