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CEO Insights: The Resilience of Lavour “Boomman” Sanders: Overcoming Adversity and Achieving Greatness in Music and Business

The upending of even the most carefully constructed plan has left countless individuals who have invested time, effort, and finances to make their dreams a reality at a crossroads. It forces the strongest among us to reassess everything we've worked so hard for. While these journeys can be daunting, they...
CEO Insights

The Future of Amazon

This is my last article on Amazon – I’m now working on clean energy. So it’s time to use the past to peer into the future. Amazon was originally an almost pure version of the Silicon Valley model for startups – go big as fast as possible, grab market share,...
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Top 10 Oldest Companies In Bulgaria

Bulgaria's old companies have a long history, and most of us are curious to learn. Which are some of the oldest companies in Bulgaria? Simply read this article to get the information you require. Kamenitza The story of Kamenitza started in 1881 when three businessmen from Switzerland decided to produce...
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