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Ranked: The World’s Strongest Currencies, 2023

United States dollar

We examine the standings of some of the most influential currencies worldwide in 2023, focusing on the US dollar – the currency that has traditionally been a leader in international finance.

The Resurgence of the US Dollar

Throughout history, the US dollar has been the primary foreign currency for many international transactions. Its fluctuations have had a tremendous impact on the world’s economies, causing changes in commodity prices, imports, and exports. Following a period of decrease, the dollar appears to be regaining strength.

CNBC reported that a rise in services has caused the US dollar to reach a six-month peak. This comes after a period of devaluation compared to the euro and the pound. While other G-20 nations are expecting economic downturns, the US is on a much more secure course.

De-Dollarization: A Possible Future?

The issue of whether the U.S. dollar will remain dominant is a topic of discussion. Even though some countries are starting to use their currencies in commerce, it’s still unclear if the greenback will be unseated.

On 24 August, the president of Brazil Lula da Silva proposed to the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) to look into the possibility of having a joint currency to facilitate commerce and ease the effects of changes in the exchange rate of the dollar. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, gave his backing to the initiative, proposing using the respective countries’ domestic currencies, which could reduce the power of the dollar in international trade. As additional developing countries become members of the BRICS, the possibility of de-dollarization is growing.

Despite this, it appears unlikely that de-dollarization will become a reality. Recently, China’s central bank has imposed restrictions on massive dollar purchases by Chinese companies, necessitating authorization from the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) for transactions above $50 million to control the depreciation of the Chinese yuan compared to the U.S. dollar. This has led to the yuan’s decline to its weakest point since December 2007, while the dollar index has risen by 5 percent. Such circumstances make it difficult for de-dollarization to be successful.

The adoption and stability of a currency are required for people to have faith in it. The Chinese yuan has proven to be very unpredictable, making it difficult to imagine any other money overtaking the dollar anytime soon. Nevertheless, the idea of replacing the dollar is still a cause for concern.

The Role of International Banks

International banks wield considerable influence in the global market, acting as credible institutions that underpin international financial systems. Key players like Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., HSBC Holdings plc, and Morgan Stanley have witnessed positive growth, even amid rising interest rates and a stronger dollar.

Recent reports suggest that Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are poised to post robust results in 2024, outperforming peers with similar market capitalizations. HSBC Holdings plc, based in London, has exceeded profitability targets, driven by central bank interest rate hikes, resulting in increased income and user engagement.

International banks play a pivotal role in currency exchange, bridging the gap between currencies and cryptocurrencies. These institutions are vital in the global financial landscape, and their actions have far-reaching implications.

To compile our rankings of the most valuable currencies in 2023, we utilized exchange rates from Google and Yahoo Finance. The order was based on each currency’s value relative to the U.S. dollar, a widely accepted measure due to its prominence in international trade.

Ranking the Most Valuable Currencies, 2023

RankCurrency1.00 USD
1Kuwaiti Dinar0.30
2Bahraini Dinar0.37
3Omani Rial0.39
4British Pound0.82
5Swiss Franc0.90
7Canadian Dollar1.37
8Bruneian Dollar1.36
9Singapore Dollar1.37
10Australian Dollar1.6
11New Zealand Dollar1.7
12Bulgarian Lev1.8
13Qatari Riyal3.64
14Emirati Dirham3.68
15Saudi Arabian Riyal3.75
16Israeli Shekel3.9
17Polish Zloty4.3
18Romanian New Leu4.7
19Malaysian Ringgit4.7
20Libyan Dinar4.8
21Brazilian Real5
22Trinidadian Dollar6.7
23Danish Krone7.1
24Chinese Yuan Renminbi7.3
25Hong Kong Dollar7.8
26Norwegian Krone11
27Swedish Krona11.2
28Botswana Pula13
29Mexican Peso18
30South African Rand19
31Czech Koruna23
32Turkish Lira27
33Taiwan New Dollar32
34Thai Baht36
35Mauritian Rupee44
36Philippine Peso56
37Indian Rupee83
38Russian Ruble97
39Nepalese Rupee133
40Icelandic Krona139
41Japanese Yen150
42Pakistani Rupee280
43Sri Lankan Rupee324
44Argentine Peso350
45Hungarian Forint368
46Kazakhstani Tenge476
47Chilean Peso938
48South Korean Won1353
49Colombian Peso4235
50Indonesian Rupiah15697
51Iranian Rial42245
52Venezuelan Bolivar3484222

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Banking and Finance - Ranked: The World’s Strongest Currencies, 2023
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