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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Unlocking Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the Middle East and Africa with Alykhan Lalani & Kavit Handa

CEO Spotlight

Unlocking Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the Middle East and Africa with Alykhan Lalani & Kavit Handa


The Middle East and Africa region has become a promising location for real estate investors due to several variables, such as rising urbanization, infrastructure development, and positive demographic trends. We intend to investigate the essential elements that make the Middle East and Africa appealing for real estate investment, drawing on the expertise of Kavit Handa and Alykhan Lalani.

Handa and Lalani are seasoned business leaders who have made significant contributions to the real estate landscape in the Middle East and Africa. Mr. Handa, Chairman at Africa Capital SA, boasts a diverse background and extensive experience in finance and real estate. He has driven the company’s growth and played key roles in organizations like InTouch Relocations, Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns & Co. In his turn, Lalani, co-founder of AFCAP, brings a distinguished background in economics and business.

His experience at InTouch Capital and Merrill Lynch & Co’s s Africa and Middle East businesses make him an important voice in this field. Therefore, in this interview, we delve into their professional experiences and expertise in revealing investment opportunities in this region.

Kavit Handa and Alykhan Lalani, thank you for participating in our interview today. Let’s begin by examining the region’s fast urbanization. How does this aspect affect the possibilities for investing in real estate?

Kavit Handa – The Middle East and Africa region has experienced rapid urbanization, making it a hub for real estate investment. The need for residential, commercial, and retail space is growing as more people move from rural to urban locations. Due to this change, investors have numerous options to meet rising demand and profit from the expanding demand for high-quality real estate assets.

Alykhan Lalani – Absolutely, urbanization is a driving force behind growth in the area. Demand for real estate is fueled by the expansion of economic possibilities, rising standards of living, and improved infrastructure. Urban centers develop into thriving hubs that draw in businesses, locals, and tourists alike, providing a favorable environment for real estate investors to prosper.

Another important element luring investors to the Middle East and Africa region is infrastructure development. How does this affect opportunities in real estate?

Alykhan Lalani – The improvement of the region’s infrastructure is essential to its development. The Middle Eastern and African governments understand the value of strategic national infrastructure in promoting economic growth and luring international investment. Investments in telecommunications, public amenities, energy projects, and transportation networks improve connectivity, accessibility, and quality of life. These improvements give real estate investors access to great real estate for development and a chance to profit from the rising demand brought on by better infrastructure.

Kavit Handa – That’s right. The value of nearby properties is impacted by the growth of infrastructure. Investors can take advantage of these advancements to develop projects with value add and meet the demands of the changing market. They can maximize their earnings while promoting the overall growth and development of the region by carefully matching their investments with infrastructural efforts.

Positive demographic trends are frequently mentioned as a draw of the Middle East and Africa region. Could you provide any information on the impact of demography on real estate investment opportunities?

Kavit Handa – The area attracts real estate investors because of its young and quickly expanding population. Housing, retail space, and entertainment facilities are in high demand due to a growing middle class and increased disposable incomes. The large number of young people also stimulates consumer spending and the need for contemporary, well-crafted homes. Investors that are aware of these trends can modify their projects to cater to the target population, sustaining demand and increasing profitability.

Alykhan Lalani – Without a doubt. Investment strategies are significantly influenced by demographics. Taking into account the target market’s changing preferences and goals enables investors to create initiatives that appeal to the locals. In this particular region, investors can achieve long-term success and create robust, sustainable portfolios if they adapt to the local demands.

Lastly, knowing that Middle East and Africa are desirable locations for real estate investment, could you please elaborate on the regulatory reforms and investor-friendly policies that make this region?

Alykhan Lalani – By enacting regulatory changes and adopting investor-friendly policies, governments in the area have made substantial attempts to draw in international investment. These changes simplify the procedures for buying property, loosen ownership limits, and create special economic zones. Such activities promote the ease of doing business and create investor confidence, establishing a positive investment climate in the area.

Kavit Handa – Without a doubt. Real estate investors have been drawn to the region in large part due to the governments’ dedication to fostering a favorable investment climate. Investors can confidently navigate the market and maximize real estate prospects because to a supportive policy environment, stable regulatory environment, and open legal system.

In sum, due to its fast urbanization, growing infrastructure, positive demographic trends, and pro-business regulations, the Middle East and Africa area offers a wide range of real estate investment prospects. Achieving long-term success in this dynamic and attractive market can be attained by paying attention to these current trends. Industry leaders Kavit Handa and Alykhan Lalani’s insights emphasize the enormous development potential and the opportunities for investors to profit from.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Unlocking Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the Middle East and Africa with Alykhan Lalani & Kavit Handa
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