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Gautam Adani: Know These Facts About Asia’s Brilliant Entrepreneur

Everyone knows about the rise of Gautam Adani, one of the wealthiest men in Asia. Still, very few know the story behind the man. Just like other men of his caliber, Gautam Adani has many interesting facts about him which make his rise even more phenomenal. Some stories seem right out of a movie!

In the present article, we will talk about five such facts about him that most people do not know. Taking a look at his life and his story is indeed inspiring. We came across many stories that gave us goosebumps! He is not only an extraordinary businessman but also a person with a definite vision for his future.

A genuine entrepreneur without an academic background

Colleges today are renowned for their education and placements; they attract applications from students worldwide. But Gautam Adani was never one of them. He did not even finish school. That’s right, he dropped out of school and never looked back. The flourishing diamond trade was always attractive to him. He spent his early years learning the tricks of the work. Within three years, he had mastered every trick in the book and was ready to set out on his own. He had exemplary negotiating skills, which, as you will see, he put to good use.

Grabing an $800 million deal in under a hundred hours

A hundred hours is a little longer than four days, and that’s all the time that Gautam Adani needed to clinch a dream deal. To understand his outstanding skills, let’s clarify that an online refund of hundreds of dollars can take up to seven days to be completed. Well, Adani managed to make hundreds of millions of dollars in less than that. This information comes to solidify the image that we already have of the man. Known as a straight shooter, he never wastes his time. Investing his time and money only in the things he wants, he has been able to build a massive business empire quickly.

Philanthropic activities are on his list

Gautam Adani not only knows how to make money but also returns some of his profits. He is the kind of person who likes to give back to the society he comes from. He sets aside 3% of the total profit to be invested in philanthropic activities. Most major corporations give 2% of their profit (legally binding in some areas), but Gautam Adani gives from his profits over and above the minimum necessary amount. Coming from a business empire of the size of Adani Group, the 3% figure climbs into the hundred million dollar club. And his trust works all over India on many social issues.

His reaction to failures and how he enjoys work

Throughout his life, Gautam Adani has worked with a single-minded focus. In many interviews, he has been asked about his secret, about how he manages to stay diligent and motivated. He sticks by his mantra that the results never mattered as much as his efforts. He says that the only thing he is focused on is working and enjoying the process. And that is quite understandable. When your aim is the journey itself, you don’t bother with the failures that come up. Adani never stopped working just to lament his losses or celebrate his success; all he ever did was keep moving forward. As a person who genuinely takes his own words to heart, Gautam Adani inspires us all.

Legends about his attitude toward the employees

There is a popular story about Gautam Adani. According to the legend, an employee once made a mistake in his paperwork. As a result of the error, Adani Group lost a hundred thousand dollars. Fearing repercussions, the employee sent in his resignation on his own. Gautam Adani asked the employee whether he had learned from it and if he would ever repeat the same mistake. On receiving his answer that he had learned his lesson, Adani decided to keep the employee and said, “I have paid for your lesson. And I don’t want any other company to benefit from it.” 


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Gautam Adani: Know These Facts About Asia’s Brilliant Entrepreneur

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