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Dr. Sheila Ohlsson Walker
C-Suite Advisory


As a business leader, have you ever had a strong “gut feel” about an issue or a decision you need to make? Something that created a subliminal pull in your stomach, a sensed intuition about a particular problem unfolding in real time? You may have pondered for a moment whether...
Howard L. Wolk
CEO Insider

Big Companies Need Startups – and Vice Versa

The leaders of big companies are getting a lot of criticism nowadays, especially as supposed “superstar” firms are laying off people and preparing for recession.  A recent article in CEO World told them flatly, “You suck at innovation.”  It’s true that large organizations struggle to develop new products and services...
Shawn Kilgarin
Game Changer

Shawn Kilgarlin – A Lifetime of Service

Not many understand how important human well-being is to the overall quality of life. Not many understand it better than Shawn Kilgarlin. Since the early 2000s, in conjunction with her husband, Ron Kilgarlin, Shawn Kilgarlin has been steadfast in her dedication towards helping others in multiple ways: here on this...
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