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Five Lessons Leaders Can Learn From Glenn Lurie’s Three Ps: People, Purpose, and Passion

Glenn Lurie

A strong company culture is vital to an organization’s long-term success. With a culture that fosters teamwork and community, businesses can maintain high levels of employee engagement. And keeping employees engaged is particularly important against the backdrop of The Great Resignation, which saw over 50 million employees quit their jobs in the U.S. last year.

Glenn Lurie, Synchronoss Technologies’ former president and CEO, says that leading organizations is about simplicity and putting people first. Lurie honed his leadership expertise during his time at AT&T, where he created a successful business philosophy and tool for ensuring a vibrant company culture. He calls this tool the three Ps (people, purpose, and passion).

These are five lessons that CEOs and business leaders can learn from Lurie’s three Ps.

  1. Simplify Your Message
    When Lurie served as president and CEO of AT&T’s Mobility and Consumer Operations, he oversaw approximately 60,000 badged employees and 60,000 non-payroll workers. One of his biggest leadership concerns was getting every individual working together and “rowing in the same direction.”Lurie and the senior team at AT&T recognized the importance of creating a shared culture to ensure the entire workforce was on the same page and using the same language. Lurie explains that getting the message out in a simple way is key, especially for large organizations.The three Ps philosophy became one of the tools Lurie used to unify AT&T’s large workforce. “People, purpose, and passion” was not only a mantra that Lurie and the entire team lived by, but it became the foundation of AT&T’s goals and objectives.
  2. Do Right by Your People
    As the first of the three Ps, “people” emphasizes the value of a company’s employees. Lurie shares that one of his leadership priorities is ensuring everyone in an organization understands that taking care of its people is non-negotiable. To ensure they are embodying the first P, leaders can ask themselves: am I taking care of the people I work with?While it’s important to keep customers happy, Lurie cautions business leaders not to neglect the power of a satisfied workforce. Research suggests that when an organization’s people feel happy at work, they will be around 12% more productive.In the same way that an individual can be a “people person,” Lurie suggests that business executives can judge whether their teams are taking a people-focused approach. This approach creates a culture where employees feel cared for and appreciated. Glenn Lurie: Maintaining a Disciplined Business Approach.
  3. Make Sure Employees Understand Their Purpose
    The second of Lurie’s three Ps is “purpose,” which refers to how individuals fit into the organization. Employees should understand how their daily contributions at work help their team — and the wider company — succeed.Lurie explains that purpose connects people to a larger community and goal, which can be motivating in the workplace. It’s no surprise that highly motivated employees are more likely to stay with a company. Lurie challenges business leaders to identify the factors that drive each individual and ensure employees understand their purpose at work.
  4. Build A Team of Passionate Employees
    Lurie shares that the person who loves their job, understands their purpose, and cares about the people they work with exemplifies the last of the three Ps — passion. Such individuals are crucial to creating a passionate company culture, as their excitement is often infectious and motivates other employees.Leaders should look to build teams of passionate people who will be productive and inspire their colleagues.
  5. Lead By Example
    Business leaders set the tone for their company culture, so it’s important to lead by example when it comes to workplace attitudes and behaviors.Lurie explains that staying accountable comes down to daily self-reflection and ensuring you take your own values seriously. The three Ps are a valuable tool that you can apply to every level of an organization, but also to your mindset as a leader.

A Robust Company Culture

Using the three Ps tool helped AT&T create an original culture, driven by a desire to build a reputation as “people people, with absolute purpose and passion every day.” Glenn Lurie Soundcloud. According to Forbes, companies with a robust culture have up to 72% higher employee engagement levels than those with cultures that need improvement. By following the example of Lurie’s three Ps, leaders can foster a company culture that helps retain workers, increase productivity, and ensure company-wide success.

About Glenn Lurie: Synchronoss and AT&T

Many know Glenn Lurie as Synchronoss Technologies’ former president, CEO, and member of the board of directors. With a reputation as an innovator in the technology and media industries, he joined Synchronoss in 2017, bringing almost 30 years of telecommunications and wireless experience to the role.

Lurie started selling cell phones in the 1990s, after a brief career playing professional soccer. He soon exceeded his sales goals and rose to a leadership position within AT&T. Among his many achievements with the company, Lurie oversaw the negotiations that secured AT&T’s landmark deal with Apple to sell the first iPhone.

Lurie has served as president of AT&T’s Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships Organization and its Emerging Devices Organization (now its Internet of Things branch). As president and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations, Lurie was responsible for the division’s operations, sales, customer care, and digital efforts.

Today, Lurie is the general partner at Stormbreaker Ventures in California. He remains an engaged member of the telecommunications sector and its community. Learn more about Glenn Lurie’s Synchronoss and AT&T leadership experience.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Five Lessons Leaders Can Learn From Glenn Lurie’s Three Ps: People, Purpose, and Passion
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