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​​What You Need To Know About Marymount International School In Rome

We’ve been covering international schools for quite some time now. The focus has been mainly on those in Italy. The rise of international schools in this country has been positive and rather a necessity for ex-pats.

Ex-pats, acknowledging their ever-mobile lifestyle, aim for an educational setting that is global and unobstructed by cultural and linguistic barriers. And these schools are known for their first-rate academic, non-academic, and infrastructural facilities. And we’ll focus on one such school in Italy.

Located in the capital Rome, Marymount International School ranks among the finest international schools in the country. Let’s check out more details about the same.

  1. An Overview

Let’s have a brief introduction. Marymount International School Rome is a private, co-educational, catholic school that enrolls students from Early Childhood to Grade 12. It is well-known for its highly representative character, with as many as 80 nationalities participating in the community.

What brings international recognition to the school is that it is part of the Global Network of RSHM schools. The school has also received authorization to instruct the popular International Baccalaureate (IB) program based on which curricula across all grades are created.

Aside from this, the Council of International Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools have granted accreditation to the school.

  1. Academic structure

There are four phases to education at Marymount International School.

    • Early Childhood: Children between the ages of 2 and 5 are enrolled in this phase. It is an international preschool instructed in English medium and incorporates a play-based pedagogy.
    • Elementary School: This phase cover kindergarten and Grades 1-5. The medium of instruction is English. Core subjects such as math and social studies, and enrichment subjects such as computer and music are emphasized.
    • Middle School: Students are admitted from Grades 6 to 8 in this phase. An American international core curriculum is followed, with several enrichment activities based on the IB Diploma Program.
    • High School: From Grades 9 to 12, it is the High School phase. Efforts are made to ensure students are prepared for Marymount’s American High School Diploma, IB Diploma Program, and Advanced Placement Certificate.
  1. Extra-curriculars

When it comes to extra-curricular activities, great attention is given to ensuring the participation of students beyond academics. Many events, such as Model United Nations and field trips, are conducted throughout the year.

Moreover, students are encouraged to take up activities such as music, drama, language, volleyball, and basketball. In fact, the school manages many varsity-level teams.

  1. Admissions Process

Marymount International School Rome admits students to its various courses throughout the year, subject to availability. All applications are submitted online.

To apply, a few documents will have to be provided for assessment. These include:

    • Copy of the passport of the applicant.
    • Copy of the passport of the parent.
    • Previous report cards, if applicable.
    • Recommendation letters may be asked from previous schools if applicable.
    • Intimation of special concerns regarding the applicant.
    • Preference is given to children of ex-pats, especially to those with English-speaking abilities.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - ​​What You Need To Know About Marymount International School In Rome
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