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Best Culinary Schools In Germany

Germany is known for its diverse culinary scene and several top-notch culinary schools. These institutions offer aspiring chefs the opportunity to learn the techniques and skills necessary to become successful professionals in the food industry. The best culinary schools in Germany are:

  1. Goldhahn und Sampson
    Charlottenburg, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg (All in Berlin)
    Goldhahn und Sampson is a gourmet food store in Berlin that also organizes culinary classes. The school conducts various cooking classes, workshops, and events about different cuisines and techniques. Professional chefs conduct the classes at Goldhahn und Sampson, covering various topics, such as French cuisine, sushi-making, and baking. They also offer courses on specific ingredients, such as truffles and game meat. One of their most popular courses is the “Berlin Food Tour,” where you’ll explore local food markets and shops and understand the history and culture of Berlin cuisine. In addition to cooking classes, Goldhahn and Sampson also participates in wine tastings and food events that bring together food enthusiasts and industry professionals.
  2. Cucina Casalinga
    Balderschwang, Chieming, Heidelberg, Kiel 
    Cucina Casalinga is a culinary school that runs cooking classes and workshops on traditional Italian cuisine. Cucina Casalinga takes a hands-on approach to teaching, where you will actively be involved in the cooking process. This teaching method helps you master the techniques and skills to create authentic Italian dishes. The courses at Cucina Casalinga cover a wide range of topics, such as pasta-making, pizza, and antipasti. They also offer workshops on regional Italian cuisine, such as Sicilian, Roman, and Neapolitan.
  3. Viani Kochkurse
    Berlin, Cologne, Goettingen, Hamburg, Munich
    With locations in several German cities, Viani Kochkurse carries out hands-on cooking classes that focus on using fresh and seasonal ingredients. They have classes for all skill levels, including special courses for children! At Viani Kochkurse, you are taught the basics of Italian cooking, such as making fresh pasta, risotto, and pizza. They also offer courses on specific topics, such as seafood, vegetarian dishes, and desserts. One of their unique courses is the “Italian Christmas” class, where you will be taught to prepare traditional Italian Christmas dishes. In addition to cooking classes, Viani Kochkurse also arranges wine tastings that complement their courses and provide you with a more holistic culinary education.
  4. Italienische Mediterrane Kochschule 
    Schleißheimer Str. 205 A, 80809 München, Germany
    The Italienische Mediterrane Kochschule in Munich is a culinary school specializing in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. You can choose from various courses, including hands-on cooking and wine-tasting workshops. The school has experienced chefs as instructors, and they are passionate about sharing their love of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with students.
  5. Taste Academy Cologne 
    Vitalisstraße 96, 50827 Köln, Germany
    Taste Academy Cologne is located in the city of Cologne. It runs a range of cooking classes for aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts. The courses cover a variety of topics, including baking, pastry making, and wine tasting. The school’s instructors are experienced chefs and sommeliers who provide you with expert guidance and personalized attention.
  6. BP cooking cookery School Stuttgart 
    Furtbachstraße 10, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany
    BP cooking cookery School is a well-respected institution located in Stuttgart. The school conducts a range of courses, from beginner-level cooking classes to professional training courses. The courses are designed to be hands-on and interactive, giving you some practical experience in a real-world setting. The experienced chefs-turned-instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.
  7. Institute of Culinary Art 
    Valluhner Str. 1, 19246 Zarrentin am Schaalsee, Germany
    The Institute of Culinary Art is a top-tier cooking school located in Zarrentin am Schaalsee, a small town near Hamburg. It offers professional culinary training courses, cooking classes for amateurs, and workshops for industry professionals. The school boasts state-of-the-art facilities and experienced instructors who provide hands-on training in everything from basic cooking techniques to advanced culinary skills. The school emphasizes sustainable regional ingredients, and its cooking methods are particularly noteworthy.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Best Culinary Schools In Germany
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