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Dr. Erik Reis

Dr. Erik Reis

Dr. Erik Reis is the co-founder and Director of Health and Wellness of Nobody Studios, a rebel venture studio focused on the radical ideation, innovation, and creation of people-first start-up companies. He's spent the last decade of his career studying, treating, and consulting individuals on maximizing their bodies, brains, and in turn, their businesses. From the clinic to the board room, he's leveraged his deep understanding of neuroscience and behavioral psychology to help entrepreneurs maximize their businesses' impact and growth to success. He believes the brain is limitless, which is why his efforts at Nobody Studios are focused on maximizing human potential and improving access to global healthcare by creating innovative start-ups that combine technology, individualized medicine, and cutting-edge neuroscience.

Dr. Erik Reis is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.
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