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Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Says a Consumer-First Ethos Drives the Outdoor Furniture Firm

Alejandro Pena, Keter CEO
Alejandro Pena, Keter CEO, highlights how a consumer-first ethos impacts the outdoor furniture industry.

The global COVID-19 pandemic caused seismic shifts in human behavior, ranging from telecommuting to baking bread. Outdoor gatherings gave people a safer way to mingle and a break from being inside. Such behavioral changes whetted customers’ already strong appetite for designing an “outside room” as an extension of the home

Surveys show that outdoor furniture sales are on the uptick and will continue to rise as habits shift. It’s a fact not lost on Alejandro Pena, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Keter, a durable consumer lifestyle solutions brand for the home and outdoor spaces.

According to a survey by The American Institution of Architects, the outdoor living room has been the top-requested specialty room for years. According to ReportLinker, a tech company that provides businesses with global industry insights, the global outdoor furniture market is rising at a 5.2% compound annual growth rate and is expected to reach $61 billion by 2028. 

As Keter’s CEO, Pena has always promoted a customer-first ethos. This has served the company well in a post-pandemic world where consumer habits have changed drastically.

The pandemic created a new wave of hybrid shoppers who use the retail variations that became popular during the lockdown – e-commerce, delivery, pickup, and in-store. Hybrid consumers now expect retailers and brands to accommodate them with these new shopping avenues and Keter saw this as an opportunity to fuel the company’s digital-first strategy. Keter offers an array of digital services on its website including product suggestions and customer service by phone.

CEO Alejandro Pena Is Helping Mold Keter Into an Omnichannel Brand 

CEO Alejandro Pena is leading Keter’s transition to an omnichannel approach to meet the changing needs of hybrid shoppers. An omnichannel strategy gives customers access to a company’s products, offers, and support services on all channels, platforms, and devices. 

“We will serve our customers wherever they are, whenever they want, in every possible way they want,” Pena explains. “This might be in a physical store, digital store, delivered, picked up — whichever way customers want to engage. We will be there.” 

Keter’s digital presence across leading e-commerce sites and emphasis on a customer-centered approach gives consumers more opportunities to purchase Keter’s products.

Keter CEO Alejandro Pena and His Team Step Into Customers’ Shoes

Keter discovered a new competitive advantage by putting itself in customers’ shoes. What were purchasers’ pain points? What annoyed them? Keter wanted to wow customers with the affordability and lasting quality of purchasing and assembling the company’s raised garden beds, storage sheds, furniture, and deck boxes. 

Pena says, “Keter products are significantly more durable than many outdoor products and additionally, they’re made from recycled materials. Our products are built to last a very long time, well beyond one summer, which is one of the benefits of using resin materials.”

Pena says, “We see Keter becoming more of a consumer-centric company where our brands will play an even bigger role in our business model.”

Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Says Communicating the Features and Benefits of Outdoor Furniture Is Vital

Keter’s ambitious plan to expand the brand hinges on Chief Financial Officer Pasquale Iannone. As CFO, Iannone has led the company’s investment in digital marketing. Its website, for example, is incredibly informative, giving visitors tips on hosting parties, getting organized, and what to know before buying a shed.

A substantial job for Keter, a durable consumer lifestyle solutions for the home and outdoor spaces. is describing the features and benefits of Keter’s outdoor furniture and storage solutions. The company communicates that Keter’s outdoor furniture is as chic as indoor furniture and is produced from recycled and sustainable materials. The company’s environmental friendliness attracts customers concerned about the planet’s health.

“Keter is shaping what’s next for a better day,” CEO Alejandro Pena says. “We are innovators; we invent what’s new and next, and we do it with a sustainable mindset and consciousness.”

Pena also underscores the relevance of the customer experience. Customers enjoy getting the product they need when they need it. When a customer receives furniture that needs assembly, it must be a simple process that doesn’t make someone throw screwdrivers across the yard. Building Keter products is a predictable experience and creates no pain points for consumers. The company manufactures easy-to-build furniture that only requires household tools for assembly.

Keter treats customers respectfully through its product features. The outdoor products are maintenance-free and don’t fade. Many of Keter’s products are designed strictly for storage or have storage built in as a bonus, and include sheds, deck boxes, kitchen carts, and end tables. A customer should be able to count on storage designs to keep belongings safe and dry; Keter’s products achieve this with flying colors. 

Data shows that outdoor furniture will continue to grow in popularity, and it’s no wonder: It livens up outside areas, transforming any ordinary backyard into an Instagram post and a magical place to act as a host. By decorating the outdoors with Keter’s stylish and lasting furniture, customers can expect their fashionable outdoor ensembles to stay bright and beautiful for decades to come. 

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Says a Consumer-First Ethos Drives the Outdoor Furniture Firm

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