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Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Productivity At Work Through Feng Shui

Can Feng Shui change your working life? The answer is yes. If you wonder how to do this, just continue reading this article.
The first and most important is to put your desk in such a way that it faces the door. This means that you have the opportunity to look directly at everyone who enters the room. This makes you and everyone else who enters the room feel better and more comfortable.
Bring the elements of nature into your space. This means placing plants in various corners, running water, or even aquarium decorations. Try different corners of your desk to see what fits best and where.
You should know that sha chi is related to negative energy caused by sharp objects with sharp corners. In contrast, chi is positive energy. So make sure to get rid of such items. Now, if your office furniture has straight edges, ensure they do not face you or your visitors when they enter your space.
According to what was mentioned above, you can add objects and furniture to your space with circular edges. Circular shapes increase the flow and circulation of positive energy and do not obstruct or block it abruptly.
Suppose you can’t remove sharp-edged objects from your space or you have a lot of furniture with corners. In that case, there is another way to increase positive energy. The solution is to install a mirror. Mirrors can make chi travel more slowly through space, increasing the positive effects.
Do you believe in the power of smell? If not, it’s time to do so. According to feng shui, citrus and mint-based scents help increase mental clarity in the workplace. You can use candles or scented sprays to create these smells in your office. But be careful not to overdo it. Always have a measure.
Learn what color each element of nature is associated with and where to place it to get the desired effect. Wood is associated with creation and growth. The color that accompanies it is green, and the ideal point is in the east. Fire is associated with power. The ideal point is in the south and the color that represents it is red. The earth is associated with agriculture and the color yellow, and the ideal point is the center. The metal is associated with money and the colors gray and white, while the ideal point for it is in the west. Water brings communication. The ideal point is in the north, and its color is black.
Remove items related to your old activities or habits that you have now abandoned. The past is the past, and there is no reason for it to be in the foreground. The present is what matters, and your decorative items should connect with that. Only in this way is the energy in the space positive and moving.
If you like having many objects on your desk, you should immediately change this habit. A computer, your phone, a pen, and some paper are absolutely enough. The rest can be neatly stored in cupboards. They don’t have to be on your desk.
Clutter, of course, is not a friend of positive energy. Put some order in your personal space and organize your things so that everything is neat and clean. Only in this way is the energy in the space positive and flowing everywhere.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Productivity At Work Through Feng Shui

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