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Top Universities For Studying Cybersecurity In Canada

Cybersecurity is one of the trickiest and most challenging topics in this era. It is an application of different technologies, processes, and how a system, network, or device can be protected from cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity is to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and protect all the unauthorized processing and networks as...
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The World is What We Make of It

Twenty-five years ago, in the feature film Contact, Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) responded to her former mentor and nemesis, Dr. David Drumlin (Tom Skerritt), after having had a tough day testifying before Congress. Here's a snippet of the dialogue:  David Drumlin: “I know you must think this is all very...
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3 Ways CEOs Can Benefit By Thinking Like Designers

Most organizations typically relegate creatives, especially designers, to their marketing departments, where they can create pretty logos, brochures, and marketing materials. As a result, it is highly unusual to find creatives (right-brained individuals) leading large enterprises or organizations.  The last well-known creative/right-brained CEO the world remembers is Steve Jobs. That's...
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