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NYC Actor and Model, Adam Dennis Geiger Takes it From the Top with 9 Lessons to Live By

Adam Dennis Geiger

Method Actor, Model, Adam Dennis Geiger founded successful NYC Theatrical Presentation company Creode Inc., working with multiple Broadway writers by lead acting, and directing, with his vision and fervid passion for the arts. Currently rising in modeling and published in many print magazines with top photographers worldwide, a seemingly long way since being alone as a teen in urban North Carolina and leaving everything behind to actualize his vision. 

Privately being mentored underground by Iconic Hollywood and Broadway Writers, Producers, and Directors, as well as by the head of the Actors Studio and pioneers of the acting movement that founded the method acting technique in Broadway and Hollywood. Through honing his craft, Adam Dennis Geiger has absorbed and applied years of wisdom gained from heralded proteges and pioneers of method acting technique—such as Lyle Kessler, Austin Pendleton, and Broadway Producers. 

While attending HB Studios, Stella Adler, and Conservatory at Lee Strasberg, Geiger did not stop there. Today, Geiger has graced top fashion magazines’ covers and notable features. As a multi-faceted lead actor and filmmaker, he is set to embark on a worldwide tour to develop his latest project with elite photographers and camera operators. 

Adam Dennis Geiger shares his nine lessons to live by learned throughout his unique path to worldwide acclaim in his life and career. 

Lessons to Live By 

  1. The quality of your work is only in your control. You either achieve your vision, or you don’t. That could be something you have to fight for, and you will have to decide how important that is for you at that point and time. 
  2. The best thing I have done and suggested would be to write down your goals, envision yourself, and build around them. I came from a small town with people who said I would never leave, and I was on my own at 16. Don’t waste your time or ideas on people with small minds, and focus on making your life the way you want it to be, not the way others think it should be. 
  3. Coming from me, listen to your higher thoughts, trust that, and cling on to that ideal. Put an aim in your mind because you will correct yourself onto that path no matter what comes your way. 
  4. Have a plan and don’t just be someone else’s plan while building and working to know yourself. Stay authentic and genuine, so you don’t lose your identity—it’s the core of your vision. 
  5. Be committed, persistent, don’t compromise, and realize it’s essential to put on pressure because success multiplies. 
  6. You have to be willing to adjust and see your projects through, and never be afraid to try for your ultimate goals; your potential is limitless. Only work on what you’re passionate about. This is your legacy. 
  7. Do things that move you, make you want to stay up late, wake up early thinking about it. Let the work guide you and light a fire in you. 
  8. Taking the road less traveled and following your passion. After embarking on my own during my teenage years with a dream, passion and unwavering determination to succeed, I carved my path to success. From honing my craft with Hollywood’s elite acting mentors/coaches to founding my theatre production company, I have become an unstoppable independent force, forging my destiny. Take the road less traveled and make your own path if your passion calls for it. 
  9. By doing that, drawing awareness to preventing and healing violence, empowering people and opening discussions about trauma, healing their relationships, and ending the stigma behind integrating those experiences through their life. 

“Coming from a town with a lot of crime and a cycle of pain and anger, I think it’s essential to empower people to change their lives and accept a new reality. If people can realize their trauma and situation and have the courage to work for something more, we can heal as families, societies, and nations.” – Adam Dennis Geiger 

Adam Dennis Geiger’s dynamic, multi-dimensional style is reflective of his training in American Method Acting expertise. In fact, his mentorship through the years easily translates to the vast Method skill garnered through countless years of training and a network of Hollywood’s most notable names. 

As clearly reflective in Adam Dennis Geiger’s fashion modeling, he embeds intriguing Method Acting to embody and exude the genre of the shoot, and has quickly been compared to Marlon Brando, Mark Wahlberg, James Dean, and many more in a renowned tale replete with versatility and charisma. 

“Life is the duality of being and becoming.” – Geiger

Written by Parul Agrawal.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - NYC Actor and Model, Adam Dennis Geiger Takes it From the Top with 9 Lessons to Live By
Parul Agrawal
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