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Travel Insurance Student: 7 Reasons You Should Get It

As an international student, it is vital that you secure a travel insurance student plan prior to departure in order to be covered for unexpected medical or travel-related expenses while on your new journey. Student travel insurance is often required to apply for a visa or enroll at a university. Others merely purchase travel insurance for peace of mind while travelling overseas.

When you buy student travel insurance from a reputable company such as Care Insurance, they will ensure that you have the best experience possible while studying abroad. What are some of the most compelling reasons to apply for a travel insurance student plan? The following is a list of our top seven picks.

Cover Medical Expenses

One of the most essential reasons why students going abroad for higher education should purchase travel insurance is to cover medical expenses, which are relatively expensive when compared to healthcare in India. A doctor’s consultation fees in the United States, for example, could cost $300-$400, or roughly Rs. 20,500–27,000 in Indian currency. Without a travel insurance student plan, you may end up spending more than a week’s budget on consultation/emergency room visit fees alone, which does include medications. Thus, it is critical to invest in the appropriate insurance coverage to ensure complete protection.


This one merits its own slot after a year and a half of flight disruptions and border closures. Students should expect to be affected by the virus for some time as Delta and other Covid strains spread. Covid coverage has been added to several travel insurance student plans in response to these new requirements, although pandemics are considered to be a difficult risk to insure. This implies that if you do develop Covid while travelling, you’ll be covered for medical expenses such as emergency care, hospital stays, and other medical care.

Unforeseen Accidents 

Accidents do happen, irrespective of how carefully you plan your travels. It is best not to be caught unawares. This is why buying a travel insurance student cover that includes rental car collision coverage, flight accident coverage, and emergency medical evacuation is a good idea.

Lost Luggage Can Be Stressful

When travelling abroad, it is possible that your luggage will go missing or get damaged. Your bags may not be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination country. It’s possible that your luggage may arrive late or get lost in transit. If you have a travel insurance student cover, you will be compensated for costs such as recovering your luggage or purchasing replacements.

Passports can get Misplaced or Stolen

Passports are extremely valuable documents but they are prone to getting stolen. This is particularly true for citizens of the United States and Japan, whose passports are amongst the most sought after by thieves. There’s also the possibility that you’ll misplace your passport. If you have bought a travel insurance student plan, you will be compensated for the cost of acquiring a replacement passport.

Mandatory Travel Insurance Requirement by the University

For international students, certain universities have unique insurance requirements. These criteria can be found on the university website. By filling out a waiver form provided on the university website, you can request for a waiver from purchasing it from the college. If the travel insurance student plan does not meet the university’s requirements, the university has the right to deny your insurance waiver benefit or even terminate the enrolment.

Changes in Travel Plans

You may need to cancel your travel plans from time to time. Basic trip insurance only covers the costs of cancellations that are out of your control. You may be able to recoup some trip expenditures if, for example, the weather in your destination is bad. If your trip travel insurance student policy offers Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage, you can cancel your plans for any reason and still reclaim a variety of prepaid travel expenses, such as rental deposits and compensation for unused travel tickets.

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