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Chasing Solace in a Tech World

Perfection is what most human beings strive for. Isn’t it? We often desire everything to be as per our plan. We try to not miss out on anything and in order to achieve this, we have become highly dependent on technology. For example – from keeping a tab on our sleep hours to counting our steps while walking, we make use of a digital watch. 

The gadgets which were invented to bring ease into our lives have now chained us and taken away our independence. You must be wondering – how? I would urge you to read till the end and I am sure you’d get your answers. 

Today, like any other day, I headed towards my Zumba class. Everything was going perfectly fine till the moment I began to observe the people around me. Wherever I turned my eyes, I ended up witnessing the same scenario. Instead of focusing on dancing, most of the people were focusing on the number of calories they had burnt by constantly taking a sneak peek into their smartwatches.

I could clearly sense their fear of not being able to reach their target and saw them getting tensed over it. They surely were pushing themselves to their limits but their heart and mind were filled with stress. My intention is not to talk about the ills of technology but the amount of anxiety and stress it induces in use on a consistent basis.

We sleep according to the limits set by our watch and we walk as per its demand. Without even knowing, we are putting our mental health at stake by setting a number and limit for everything. We need to understand that we are humans and not machines and thus we cannot run our lives on numbers! There are times when we tend to overdo things in the present but completely ignore the future consequences.

We need to come to an understanding that life is about imperfections and there will be times when we would commit mistakes and be a little reckless. We would always end up missing out on something. These are the things that make us human. For everything to go well in our life, first and foremost, we need to be mentally healthy and happy.  Gadgets were invented to make the lives of humans-being more productive but only due to our quest for perfection, it is proving to be a misery.

Check your smartwatch but don’t depend on it for everything. Before getting busy with things, take a moment, breathe and think if all the hustle is worthwhile? Are you gaining or losing? With each time you peep into your smartwatch, you end up losing a sense of joy, hope, and serenity. Stop hunting for excellence and be a sucker for optimistic effort.

Most of the time we neglect our mental health and give more priority to the physical aspects of things. Be gentle with yourself. Anxiety and depression have eaten us from within and snatched away the charm and cheerfulness of our soul. We all are already suffering from the vicious effect of Covid-19 infection.

This is the time to give our mind a break and let it find its own solace. Therefore, don’t get entangled in the hustle and bustle of your life and don’t let anything that’s external take command over your brain. Instead, nourish your mental health by cherishing the awe-inspiring moments of your life!

Written by Prof. Nabhit Kapur.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Chasing Solace in a Tech World

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Prof. Nabhit Kapur
Prof. Nabhit Kapur is a well-known psychologist who is well-versed in understanding mental health as well as studying and grasping behaviours of how people communicate with each another. He is also an author, TEDx speaker, and internationally recognized ambassador for mental health and peace. He graduated from Amity University and completed his postgraduation from IBMS, Chittoor.

Nabhit Kapur is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and his website.