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Top 5 Universities for Medical Science in Asia

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The field of medicine has always been one that is filled with competition. Not being able to find a place or not knowing where to go for further studies is always tough for an aspiring individual. But we live in such a time where looking beyond your borders for a college is both normal and affordable.

And luckily, Asia has a rich number of colleges and universities for medicine. In the list below we talk about the top 5 places that you can go to for studying medical science. So read on to get rid of your confusion, we have already done the hard of sorting them out for you.

  1. Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, Japan
    Established in 1858, it is the oldest institute on this list. Taking in around 120 students in the first year, it charges the same entrance fee of USD 7650 from native and foreign students. With a count of 179 professors in its faculty, there is no dearth of guidance for an ignited mind but you have to be an exceptional mind to make it to this place.
    Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo University is especially known for its research in the fields of Neuroscience and Behavior. Academics from all over the world visit the campus to read about and take part in their research. This constant inflow of renowned practitioners also makes for an opportunity for excellent guest lectures providing a world level exposure to its students.
  2. College of Medicine, Seoul National University, South Korea
    Established in1946, this college is one of the top places in the world to pursue the knowledge of medicine. Like all other institutes on this list, you have to beat a quite tough examination to gain admission. With 520 professors, the College of Medicine boasts of a very healthy teacher to student ratio of 7:100. These students get the opportunity to study, observe and practice in any one of the 6 hospitals associated with this college.
    Located away from the city in isolation, there are no distractions nearby to lure away the attention of the students from their pursuit of excellence. Alumni from the College of Medicine have developed vaccines against some of the deadliest diseases in history.
  3. Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS), Singapore
    Being heralded as one of the toughest institutions to get into, NUS Medicine is the place for truly brilliant minds. A meager 300 (very lucky) students make it to this college. If you want to get into this institute, you have to submit your portfolio that must not exceed 500 words.
    If your portfolio is above par then you will be subjected to 2 further assessments – the FSA (Focused Skills Assessment) and the SJT (Situational judgment). Having beaten those two examinations and finally making it through to the list of selected candidates you have to pay an annual fee of USD58650
  4. Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan
    Founded in 1899, the Graduate School of Medicine is one the most esteemed universities in the world. It holds the record for having the most number of Nobel laureates as its alumni in all of Asia. Students from its school have led from the front in scientific breakthroughs. As a testament to its brilliance, it receives an astoundingly large number of applications per year.
    Less than 7% of all applications received are shortlisted for being interviewed for selection. The selected 2400 candidates are then thoroughly taught and groomed by its 287 professors. These candidates pay an annual fee of USD5000 which is almost nothing when compared to the bright future that awaits them.
  5. All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India
    AIIMS has been ranked as the top college for medicine in South Asia; needless to say it selects its candidates through an extremely tough entrance-based examination. Less than 1% of the students who appear for its paper are selected in the first-year course of its MBBS curriculum. Alumni of AIIMS have gone on to become esteemed doctors and researchers in the medical field.
    These selected candidates are then taught by some of the best doctors and professors in the country. The institute has a total of 671 professors who distribute multiple duties and subjects amongst them. Established in 1956, AIIMS charges an annual fee of USD12000 from foreign students and USD100 from Indian students.

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