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Top 5 Most Student-Friendly Destinations in the World 

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Certain countries in the world have shaped their reputation across the globe as leading student-friendly destinations. They are the places where students can expect to have wholesome educational experiences coupled with excellent social, cultural, and economic settings. When you choose a country for higher education, your focus is not only on the status of the university applied for but also the place where it is located. The country should offer the right kind of safety, cultural experiences, friendly lifestyle, and student support systems. Unless a student can accommodate his life in the environment in all these frontiers, the country is not considered to be student-friendly.

Many countries have been historical centers of quality education and attract thousands of students every year. But, some countries have climbed their way up and are now offering progressive educational and cultural environments to students, domestic and international. We are going to cover all of these countries.

Out agenda for the day is to enumerate the 5 most student-friendly destinations in the world.

  1. New Zealand
    New Zealand has emerged as a very attractive student-friendly destination, and its COVD-19 success story has augmented its reputation in the world. Whatever you expect is here, from pleasant natural landscapes to the globally-renowned amiable Kiwi lifestyle. It has only 8 universities sprawling over the country, with the University of Auckland at the helm, It is an English-speaking, highly tolerant country known for its exemplary academic programs and student support systems. Being a developed country, it can get a little expensive but the burden wouldn’t be as much as those in other mainstream countries such as the United States of America or the United Kingdom.
  2. Canada
    Well, if Canada wasn’t on the list, something would have been grossly amiss. No discussion on student-friendly destinations is complete without Canada—and for very deserving reasons. Hailed as one of the most educated countries in the world with a thriving community of immigrants, Canadian universities are essentially melting pots of diversity where students from all over the world study together and learn from one another. Added to this is the fact that Canada is a beautiful place to live in and there shall never be a dearth of natural therapy over here. Part-time opportunities are plenty for students, and even after graduation, employment opportunities are very appealing.
  3. Spain
    What makes Spain a top choice for many international applicants is the low cost of living that does not compromise on the quality. It comes with a well-established network of highly ranked universities, a well-connected transportation network, incredible nightlife, relatively less expensive accommodation facilities, delicious food, and a super-friendly local lifestyle that accommodates everyone and anyone. Moreover, Spain is one of the oldest historical centers in the world which has had a nearly ubiquitous impact on other countries’ history and economy. It is rich in culture and history and that adds to the experience you will have here.
  4. Netherlands
    From the vibrant tulip gardens to peaceful neighborhoods, one must study in the Netherlands for a wholesome experience. The Netherlands may be a small country with fewer universities but has 8 of its universities among the top 100 in the world. What makes the country such a student-friendly destination is the fact that it embraces internationalism very smoothly. There are thousands of programs which are instructed in English, academic environment in universities is very engaging and student-oriented, employment opportunities are plentiful and this is evident from the fact that many graduates stay back after graduation, and a wonderful Dutch culture to tickle your intellect and curiosity.
  5. Thailand
    You might not have expected Thailand on the list because its universities are not as highly ranked as those of the countries mentioned above. But, as I said, a student-friendly destination is not just about the reputation of its universities. Thailand is where education comes with convenience. It is more than just a tourist attraction and comes with a range of benefits: it is very cheap, food is delicious, accommodation facilities will not bankrupt you, locals are polite and helpful, and you don’t have to be a stickler for punctuality to survive here. Of course, universities matter, and Thai universities are quite good. If you are looking for cultural experiences, then how can we forget about the amazing Thai nightlife!

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