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5 Top Universities in Hungary You Should Know

Often called the Heart of Europe, Hungary had been shaped by a succession of various political and cultural peoples, from Celts to Avars. It was once a satellite state of the erstwhile Soviet Union but became a democratic parliamentary republic in the year 1989. You should know that Hungary has come a long way and is now among the high-income economies in the world. Performing exceptionally high on the Human Development index, anyone who decides to study here will have a well-rounded experience.

Some of the best universities in Europe are situated in Hungary. Most of them are ranked among the top 200 in the continent and have been lauded for their overall performance on various parameters. In case you ever decide to venture into Hungarian Higher Education, then you would not regret it. You may want to start applying to any of the universities I am going to talk about in this article.

Here are 5 universities considered to be the best in Hungary.

  1. Semmelweis University
    Founded more than two centuries ago, Semmelweis University has grown into a reputed institution for studying health sciences. Since it has a research-oriented approach towards education, the course work is comprehensive and intensive. As of today, there are several degree programs at different levels. For example, one-tier master programs are offered in select areas of study such as Pharmacy, Medicine, and Dentistry. Not all of the courses are offered in English and those which do include Master’s programs on Nursing and Physiotherapy. It is part of the Erasmus+ program which enables mobility among students to pursue high education within and outside Europe.
  2. Eötvös Loránd University
    Eötvös Loránd University is a public research institution that was founded in the mid-17th century. It is presently one of the most prestigious universities in the country. The areas of study have been spread out across 8 faculties and research institutes. Its faculties include that of Humanities, informatics, Social Sciences, Science, Special Education, and Education and Psychology. The university has been associated with 5 Nobel laureates, Wolf prize winners, and Abel Prize winners. Note that all the programs are in English, though there may be a few courses in Humanities that are offered in different languages.
  3. University of Debrecen
    Established in the year 1538, the University of Debrecen is the oldest Hungarian institution with continuous operation. It has increasingly become a favorite among international students, with thousands of students enrolled in its various programs. Much of this popularity is attributed to its many courses being conducted in English. In addition to its main campus in Debrecen, it also operates an associate campus in South Korea. Its academic organization has many faculties operating under its aegis such as that of Humanities, law, Music, Pharmacy, Child and Special Needs Education, Informatics, and Engineering. Its illustrious network of alumni includes many Hungarian poets, scientists, and judges. Four of its alumni have been winners of Oscars in the past.
  4. University of Pécs
    While there are ambiguities as to its actual year of establishment, it is largely accepted that it started operating in the year 1912. The institution presently offers 31 undergraduate degree programs, 29 postgraduate programs, 15 Ph.D. programs in a variety of areas of study including Natural Sciences, Human & Social Sciences, Business & Economics, and Arts and Engineering. To further research activities, there are 22 doctoral schools. Its Szentágothai Research Centre is a prominent research center under its aegis which is among the most prestigious centers in the country. Also, to ensure that international students are able to adapt to Hungarian Higher Education, it offers preparatory courses.
  5. University of Szeged
    Having a solid reputation in Central Europe, the University of Szeged is one of the top choices in the country. Presently, there are 12 faculties in total which include those of Music, Pharmacy, Sciences and Informatics, Medicine, Law and Political Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Studies, and Agriculture. To supplement it, there are 16 research groups patronized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Hundreds of subject-areas are catered to under its research fold. Its organization includes a total of 52 degree programs at various levels that are offered in a total of 134 majors.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - 5 Top Universities in Hungary You Should Know
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