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Missing Gym? Why Not Create One At Home?

Corona outbreak has undoubtedly interrupted everyone’s schedule, whether it’s home routine, work routine, or even workout routine. If you are a fitness freak, then it must be quite disturbing for you not to attend your gym sessions. But as they say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, you need not wait for your gym to re-open and can create one at your home by yourself. Now the question arises, ‘How?’. So here are a few tricks you can apply for a DIY gym to create at home.

  1. Jogging And Running
    Jogging in place is the simplest and best option to start with. You simply have to stand and start jogging then and there. Now you must be wondering how running can be done being at home but it’s not the actual running I am talking about. It’s the running down the stairs I meant to say. So, move out of your apartment and start moving upstairs and downstairs. It’s a high-intensity workout that enhances power, speed, and cardiovascular fitness.
  2. Workouts Without Any Equipment
    There are numerous exercises for which we do not require any equipment. It all depends upon the exercise you want to do. Take your yoga mat and gear up for a warm-up session like neck movement, hip rotation, arm circles, jumping jacks, squats, jump squats, lunges, reverse lunges, calf raise, leg swings, etc. Proceed further with workouts like the plank, push-ups, mountain climber, burpees, etc.  These workouts not only burn calories but also strengthen your core, improve your posture and body balance, and relieve you from stress.
  3. Use A Stool As A Step-Up Box
    Generally, a small table or a stool is available at everyone’s place. That would be perfect for your step-up, just make sure that these are with a perfect grip, or else, you would end up hurting yourself. Just put that table, stool, or a step-up box (if you have) attached to the wall and start stepping. Gradually, move over to the weighted step-up. It, undoubtedly, helps in burning more calories than normal jogging.
  4. Elevated Push-ups
    You can use the same stool, table, or the step-up box for the elevated push-ups. Our body position in the elevated push-up workout is such that it raises the feet above the body, requiring a person more strength to get back into a plank position. Initially keep the elevation at a lower level, gradually increase it over time as your strength improves.
  5. Workout With Some Music
    If you have ever noticed, music intensifies your energy during workouts. Listening to the music while exercising reduces fatigue, increases stamina, and improves efficiency. So what are you waiting for? Just put your favorite numbers on loop and begin tapping your feet on aerobics, Zumba, and dance. If you don’t know how to do it, enroll for the online workout classes on any app or website. There are plenty of numbers available on the internet. You can even start jumping rope while music is on.
  6. Dumbbells For Your Biceps
    Dumbbells don’t require much of the space in your apartment. If you’re regular to your biceps workout, you can purchase a set. But even if you don’t have one, you need not worry. I have a solution for you. If you are a beginner, you can start with one-liter empty water bottles. Fill it with sand and place the cap tightly. Here are your homemade dumbbells ready.
  7. One For Your Weightlifting
    You can use sacks of onions, potatoes, or apples, small packets of rice, beans, or flour for your bicep curls or light weight-lifting moves. For heavier weights, you can use water canes or heavyweight rice or flour packets.
    You can also keep a broom or a pole/stick on your shoulders, lock your hands, and start doing weighted squats.

So which one is your pick for the day?

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