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These Are The Top 5 Immunity Boosting Smoothies

With the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the world has been witnessing a steady debate over major foods to remain healthy. While everyday preventive measures like washing hands frequently, social distancing and the use of sanitizers can work wonders in fighting against the microbes, the bottom line to staying healthy is by boosting immunity. We all know that a healthy body is the only antibiotic that can ward off viruses and fight against deadly infections.

However, let’s also face it that there are no magic potions on sale to revive the defense mechanism of the body. But what we can do is keep it in top fighting mode by adding certain drinks to the daily dose of a balanced diet. So, without wasting any more time, let us now drop the veil and uncover some of the immunity-boosting smoothies in a flash.

5 Drinks That Act As A Immune Booster

It is an already established fact that the human body is designed with a proper immune system to fight off ailments. But not every time do we see it function properly right? Hence to keep it on the right track we have a list of immune-boosting smoothies that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

  1. Pineapple Spinach Smoothie: This recipe is a perfect pick for all green lovers out there. Blessed with leafy greens like spinach and loaded with pineapple this smoothie is a refreshing everyday drink. All you need to do is put pineapple chunks, spinach, a banana, yogurt, apple juice along with ground flaxseed powder in a blender and give it a good whirl. With a hefty pick of immunity-booster like spinach, the drink will surely revive the immune mechanism of the body.
  2. Beetroot and Apple Smoothie: Packed with essential minerals and vitamins, this smoothie is not only rich in taste but also has a vibrant appeal. The ingredients that go into this drink include granny smith apple, orange, organic hemp seeds, ripe frozen banana, organic beetroot powder and ginger, almond milk, and lime juice. Just blend it well and enjoy this miraculously beneficial drink.
  3. Citrus Smoothie: For all people who want to look good and feel energetic throughout the day, this smoothie is specially churned out for you. Loaded with oranges, mango, lime juice, and coconut water the drink serves as an immediate fuel for the body while also serving as an immunity booster.
  4. Blackberry Banana Chia Smoothie: Juicy and rich in antioxidants blackberries are a superfood in every way. These, when combined with the goodness of banana and chia, form the best drink to boost immunity for people of all ages. Just blend well the bananas, blackberries, chia seeds, along with avocado flesh, kale, yogurt, stevia, and plant-based milk. Enjoy the drink immediately post-workout or early in the morning as breakfast and see it work wonders for your body.
  5. Vitamin C Smoothie: This superfood has all the best fruits available in the market. Packed with apple, pomegranate, strawberry, mango, chia seeds, almond butter, clementine and whey protein powder, this is a balanced drink to restore your immune system.

So next time you feel that your immune system needs a little help, do pick any of the aforementioned recipes and give it a good whirl. Not only will they improve the immune function but also prepare your body to fight against all types of diseases.

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