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A rare opportunity to experience Norway the way Norwegians do

Norsyn, the waterfront cottage with boat access
Norsyn, the waterfront cottage with boat access

Cato Bye Johansen and Bodil Bertelsen Perkins are offering a rare opportunity to experience Norway the way Norwegians do. Their authentic Norwegian cottages only used by family and friends have recently been made available for tourists to enjoy through an all-inclusive vacation concept.

The past decade has seen increasing numbers of tourists visiting Norway.  The popularity of the Frost Disney movies and also the introduction of Instagram and other social media has showcased Norway to the world and many want to come to capture their own images and discover what makes Norwegians some of the happiest people in the world.

Some of the more popular destinations tend to get crowded during peak vacation times and this is what Cato and Bodil aim to avoid. The all-inclusive stay is arranged around the guests’ interests and is planned to minimize stress. With a local driver and guide, all guests can experience the adventures available with no worries about how to get there and what the most interesting highlights are.

Unlike a cruise or stay at a hotel, where tours are planned with hundreds or even thousands of other tourists doing the same thing during a limited time, the excursions are private and planned to avoid crowds and pressures of time whenever possible. The stay is highly personalized for the individuals visiting. At these magical, peaceful and private places guests can reconnect, relax and unwind on their own with staff at their beck and call.

Cato, a former Navy Seal in the Norwegian navy has spent the last three years rebuilding his father’s mountain cabin above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway.  He has extensive knowledge of the area and is a highly competent guide and chef. When sharing the progress of the renovation with his long time friend Bodil, she mentioned the vacation concept she had developed last year and they decided to join forces and share ideas and knowledge. Bodil owns a cottage by the ocean on the west coast of Norway, west of Bergen, the second-largest city in the country.

Like Cato she took over the cottage her father built in his youth and has updated it as needed while still keeping the original charm.  She grew up visiting the cottage and is very familiar with the west coast of Norway and its history. Cato’s sons named their cottage The Wolf Den and Bodil’s family cottage has always had the name Norsyn which means Facing North.

When staying at The Wolf Den and Norsyn guests learn firsthand about the value of resources and how these are not taken for granted. The Wolf Den uses solar and wind for power and at Norsyn all the water available is collected from a well and the cottage roof when it rains.

Both cabins offer privacy with few if any cottages nearby.  The Wolf Den is used year-round, except the months of December and January while Norsyn is used exclusively during the summer months. Some of the highlights at The Wolf Den are the increasingly popular Northern Lights in the winter and the Midnight Sun and neverending days in the summer. Ice fishing and berry picking and hikes or ski trips are also popular.

Norsyn, as already mentioned, is located outside the city of Bergen which is known as the gateway to the world-famous fjords. Some of the adventures available are tours to the fjords, guided walking tours and shopping in Bergen, endless hikes and a waterfall safari. The oceanfront cottage also has a small boat used for fishing and exploring. There is something special about making dinner with a fish you caught yourself earlier in the day!

Both locations offer an all-inclusive traditional and authentic Norwegian menu including prep and clean-up.

If you wish to see and experience Norway like a native Norwegian these two amazing sites are worthwhile visiting. The only thing that makes you truly richer is traveling and making memories and The Wolf Den and Norsyn are places where you can do just that!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - A rare opportunity to experience Norway the way Norwegians do
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